I'm Jennifer

Over 15 years ago I left my corporate job in Silicon Valley and said yes to a bonafide soul-calling as a healer, intuitive & spiritual coach.


I guide you to find your yes  & release your "yuck" so you can get busy living life as the bravest, brightest version of you!

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Our work together...

My sessions with you use a proven mind+body+spirit formula of intuitive guidance, spiritual coaching, Reiki healing and lifestyle strategies to create 3 important building blocks:

  • Identify your Yes

  • Shed the Yuck

  • Get in alignment


This ensures that we set a foundation of strength and resilience so you're able to confidently, like "feel it in your bones", change course towards the life you've been wanting.


I'm here as your soul-sister, to answer your "woo-woo" questions , remind you that you're badass through scary times, help you remember your inner wise woman (or man), clear your energy, connect you to spirit, help you breathe, release, heal and shift your gear back into drive!


My own story

The injury
Before becoming a Reiki healer I was working as a writer/editor in tech with a high impact lifestyle, both physically and mentally. After a lumbar back injury 30 years-old I was reduced to walking with a cane and taking a toxic blend of pain meds and muscle relaxers for three months. I had no interest in holistic healing and even thought acupuncture was a bunch of woo-woo! 

After 3 months of physical therapy I still remained on bed rest. Nothing was working. The doctors said the best thing they could offer was a cortisone shot in my spine. With the warning that the procedure doesn't always work and most patients are back with the same problems  within a few months, I opted for it anyway. A saving grace, I was pain-free and walking without a cane within a few days. That's when I decided to listen to my body.

Opening the door
I vowed that I would never be so detached and hard on my body again. That's when I found yoga! After a year of regular yoga practice, I healed my back and more importantly, I became kinder to myself. Among many gifts, a yoga practice led me to meditation, which led me into deep, amazing journeys with visions of spirit guides who were working with me to tap into wisdom from much higher realms. Over a period of time I began to experience an opening of my intuitive senses. I developed an inner clairsentience, sensing other people’s energy. My hands literally buzzed in the presence of random strangers. Veils of consciousness were being lifted. Because my energetic vibration was rising, it had allowed for a lightening of my load of all the old emotional baggage I’d been carrying.

Answering the call
I realized something was calling me to do something different with my life. I felt lighter emotionally, more curious, vibrant, engaged. The curiosity allowed me to navigate life with a new sense of wonder. I left the tech world and took a solo trip to Kauai for a month. Between swimming in the Pacific waters, kayaking the Na Pali Coast, dodging the wild roosters and befriending a toad-catching dog named Max, I received guidance to do healing work. Something whispered to me "wake up" and it guided me here.

I've now been in private practice as an Intuitive, Spiritual Coach & Reiki Master for over 15 years. It has been an absolute joy making a career out of my soul's calling which is to guide clients back to their true state, discover their own potential and live a more balanced life.





While I've trained with master healers, shamans & mystics, my role is to integrate this in the "real world". I approach life with an open heart, open mind and healthy dose of humor.

As a Reiki healer I connect you to a higher frequency energy which clears out, what I affectionately call, the "yuck" & lifts your vibe.

As an Intuitive, I'm able to identify the energetic and environmental imbalances which tend to dim your internal vibrance.

​As a Spiritual Coach, I am here to co-create a healing journey that moves you into action, helps you hear the voice of your spirit, own your super powers, heal your mind + body, and live life at a higher vibration.

As a Yoga Instructor I lead groups in connecting with their internal vibrance through a blend of slow-flow yoga and meditation while infusing my classes with Reiki energy.


Professional Bio


Usui System of Natural Healing Level 1 Certified, 2003, Teacher, Donna Gaus, Reiki Clinic of Menlo Park, CA

Usui System of Natural Healing Level 2 Certified, 2004, Teacher, Donna Gaus, Reiki Clinic of Menlo Park, CA

Usui System of Natural Healing Level 3-Master Certified, 2006, Teacher, Mia Runanin, Fairfax, CA

Usui System of Natural Healing Master-Teacher Certified, 2007, Teacher, Mia Runanin, Fairfax, CA


200-HR RYT, 2015, Dana Damara, Embody Truth Yoga Teacher Training, San Francisco, CA


Energy Medicine 101 & 102, 2004, Donna Eden, Esalen, Big Sur, CA


500-HR CMT, 2002, Body Therapy Center, Palo Alto, CA


 Spiritual Development Level 1, 2007, Foundation for Spiritual Development, San Rafael, CA


Intro to Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2013, ACTCM, San Francisco, CA


Shaman's Path Training, 2013, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

Shamanic Journeying w/ Spirits of Nature, 2019, Shift Network, CA

300 Valley Street, Suite 202

Sausalito, CA 94965


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