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a monthly alignment circle 

"Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you." Dane Rudhyar

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Cosmic Living is a monthly

wisdom circle for anyone

 on a soul's journey of

healing, discovery

& real change.

This online group will deepen your connection with Spirit, elevate your vibrational frequency

&  assist you to activate a greater life path.

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Why are we here?
As souls having a human experience we are on this planet to create, problem-solve and make progress while in alignment with a Divine energy. Yet, sometimes we can get off track, perpetuating states of confusion, isolation, depression, anxiety and lethargy.

You are invited...
Each month we'll meet in sacred space for ritual, healing, mindfulness & masterminding situated around the new moon phase. You'll come away with new tools to access a deeper sense of meaning, embodiment, clarity & purpose.

What you'll gain...
Become more trusting of life. 

Release the efforting and begin co-creating with Spirit.

Approach life with a growth mindset vs. the victim mindset.

Feel a new sense of empowerment.

Gain clarity on your purpose & life path.

Witness miracles happening in your daily life.

Deepen your intuition.

Access new levels of joy & inspiration.


  • Live access to monthly online wisdom circles with like-minded souls

  • Guided meditations to bring you into energetic alignment with the Flow State

  • Discussion of astrological themes & insight on modern-day issues

  • Journaling prompts to access guidance from your wise self

  • Intention setting that aligns with New Moon themes

  • Oracle card reading & healing rituals for the collective

  • Access to recorded circles

CIRCLE DATES 2024/2025

Kickoff begins with the 1st month of the zodiac calendar!

All wisdom circles are live online 

*notes pre-recorded circle only

April 10th-Aries New Moon Phase
May 1st- Taurus New Moon Phase

June 5th- Gemini New Moon Phase

July 10th- Cancer New Moon Phase

Aug 7th-Leo New Moon Phase

Sept 4th-Virgo New Moon Phase*

Oct 2nd- Libra New Moon Phase

Nov 6th- Scorpio New Moon Phase

Dec 4th-Sagittarius New Moon Phase

Jan 8th- Capricorn New Moon Phase

Jan 29th- Aquarius New Moon Phase

Feb 26th- Pisces New Moon Phase

MEETING TIME: Wednesday evenings 6pm-7:15pm PST



*Introductory offer $100 off annual enrollment until May 1st.

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Where are the wisdom circles held?

All Cosmic Living wisdom circles will be held online via Zoom, so you may conveniently join us from wherever you are!

What are times/dates of each wisdom circle?

The dates are stated above. All of which are one Weds evening a month from 6pm-7:15pm PST

Will there be homework?

No homework is required in these circles, but there is recommended reading of Jan Spiller's New Moon Astrology 

We'll be reviewing the new moon themes from this book.

Can I join any time of the year?

YES! You can join us as much or as little as you like. Since we follow the cyclical astrological calendar, each month has its own particular value and insights. You can also enroll annually anytime through the calendar year.

What's the makeup policy?

There's no makeup policy. Each time you register for a monthly circle, you'll be sent a recording of our meeting for you to review in your own time.

How will we be working with the astrological calendar?

Each month we'll be exploring themes related to the new moon, full moon and other astrological events. We'll connect to each theme through journaling, intention setting & discussion. We also practice a guided meditation that facilitates us becoming a throughline of Divine energy & guidance.

Who will be hosting the Cosmic Living wisdom circles?

 Jennifer Brinn, Reiki healer & teacher has facilitated a number of various women's circles and new moon circles over the past 20 years. She explores the connection between ancient wisdom traditions and how they might assist us in modern-day issues.

What if I live outside of the Pacific Standard Time Zone?

As an online circle it's intended to be global. The workshops are held at 6pm PST which can still be accessible in multiple time zones or you can reap the rewards of the recorded circle.

What is the Cost?

Participants may choose between drop-in monthly circles for $33 or enroll annually for $333 ($63 savings)

Upon payment, you will receive an email with a Zoom link. Recordings sent immediately after the live circle.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cosmic Living wisdom circles are non-refundable, but your pass may be gifted on to someone else.

Other questions? Please email me directly at

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