Welcome to the Reiki Level 3 Master Practitioner Application!

This training is open to 8 students. Students are accepted based on their interest & dedication to cultivating their practice

and sharing Reiki in service to others.

Only open for students 18 years or older.

If you didn't receive your prior Reiki certificates from Jennifer, you will be required to show proof of certification.

After submitting your application you'll be notified of your acceptance.


A deposit or payment in full will be required no more than 5 days after your acceptance letter is sent via email

to guarantee your registration.

Please copy & paste the questions below along with your answers into an email

to Jennifer: info@jbrinn.com

Subject line: Master Training











1. How long have you been practicing Reiki?

2. Are you currently Level 2 certified? If not, will you be Level 2 certified by the beginning of Master Program?

3. Who was your last Reiki Teacher?

4.Do you have experience working on people outside of friends & family?

5. Do you have any other relevant training? i.e. massage therapy, yoga teacher, acupuncture, psychotherapy? If so, please explain

6.Please explain your self-practice

7. What is your current occupation?

8. Do you have any injuries, illnesses or disorders we should know about prior to this training?

9. What's  the date of your last Reiki Certification?

10. Have you trained with Jennifer Brinn before?

11. Please write a brief paragraph on what you wish to accomplish with your Reiki Level 3/ Master Practitioner Certification.


Two partial scholarships will be awarded for the 2020 program, saving students up to $1250. Please, only submit an entry for a partial scholarship if it’s truly needs-based. 


To apply for partial scholarship, please complete the questions below.


13. What is your current occupation? 

14. If you were to receive a partial scholarship to the Master Program, how would that impact your life and your goals for practicing Reiki?

15. In a brief paragraph, tell us how Reiki has impacted your life.

16. Who do you wish to serve with Reiki?