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"The breeze at dawn have secrets to tell you. Don't go back to sleep." ~Rumi

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Experience the potency

Sacred Sites Retreats are powerful, curated offerings that bring you closer to the divine connection between cosmos, earth & humankind.

A sacred site is identified by its:

influences of the earth

influences of cosmos

influences of natural & man-made structures

influences of sacred intention

From daylong retreats to 2-week excursions, we explore the energetic transference at power places

around the planet!

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"I've been working with Jennifer for ~4 years and she is phenomenal.  What started as a curiosity about Reiki, has turned into a completely transformative experience.  Jennifer has been instrumental in helping me lift layers of energy that was holding me back from my potential, and truly helped me navigate my path.  I highly recommend Jennifer and her work for anyone looking for a change, large or small, you're in absolutely fabulous hands to guide you on your journey!"  K.T  VP at a Technology Company

out of balance

Our modern world has us living at warp speed.


This pace has given rise to a heightened sense of urgency in every detail of our daily lives.

As humans doing, we've lost touch with our connection to the ebb and flow of our natural biorhythms which is resulting in sleep disorders, digestive disorders, increased anxiety, depression and overall malaise.

This is not who we are.

This is not why we are here.


We are human beings, here to co-create.

There is a call for us to pause and recalibrate

with our internal power sources.

As we disconnect from the man-made world and reunite with the natural world, we realize we are in communion with the ancient, innate wisdom of living systems. A wisdom that begins to inform how we show up in the world.

Through this communion we restore.

Through this communion we evolve.

elemental world

Indigenous cultures honor the spirit of Earth.

They revere mountains, water, trees and animals as spiritual beings in unity with all things.

There is wisdom here for us too. We learn to walk with them, to communicate with them. We learn that we are part of an enormous web of life. We learn to lean in to a sense of support much greater than anything we've known.

With this wisdom, we understand.

With this wisdom, we thrive!

"Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe." ~ Anatole France

Sacred Site     Sacred Turkey



Join me for a journey through the ancient temples & mystical sites of Turkey!

From Istanbul to the Aegean Sea, we'll deepen into the heart of the Divine Feminine as we visit the holy place of Mother Mary, explore sacred temples dedicated to gods & goddesses, & the ancient city of Ephesus. We'll also sample the culture of Grand bazaars, tiny villages filled with winemaking & extraordinary craftsman.


Group workshops will offer potent activations & knowledge  seamlessly woven into our itinerary to allow time for integration of this powerful energies.


This retreat is sacred offering, that will most certainly accelerate your personal discovery, healing & spiritual growth!

Image by KC Welch

Sacred Site     Sacred Joshua Tree


DECEMBER 15-18, 2023   Sold Out!

Let's gather to bask in the energies of New Moon in Sagittarius &  Winter Solstice!


Winter Solstice offers an opportunity to journey inward, reflecting upon what you've released and what you wish to manifest.


New Moon in Sagittarius offers support in themes of higher guidance, intuition, exploration, optimism & connection to nature.


Joshua Tree is the perfect sacred site in which you'll soak up the vortex vibes while enjoying a transformative weekend filled with meditation, restorative yoga, Reiki healing, stargazing, new moon intention-setting, sound healing, cacao & so much more!


December is a beautiful time of year in Joshua Tree. Mild days in the 60s offer easy hiking and chilly nights in the 40s offer cozy fireside circles to stargaze at the dark winter sky.

Sacred Site  Camp Stardust TM
                                 Anderson Valley

JULY 17-21, 2024

Join me in the magical heart of Anderson Valley, ancestral home of the Tabahtea (Pomo) people. Mid-summer during  the Deer Moon, or Buck Moon, is a time when new bucks grow their antlers. It's a time that represents receptivity, self-reflection & transformation.

Camp Stardust TM is a "summer camp" for women. An all-inclusive, eco-luxe retreat bringing together a tapestry of healers, makers & wisdom teachers all dedicated to connecting you with our natural world and your true spirit.


You’ll enjoy 5 restorative, well-curated days of ritual, movement, mindfulness and fun, creative workshops. Our intention is to spark inspiration and invite that vibrant version of you to emerge.

Image by Casey Horner

Meet Your Guide

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It is my deepest honor

Since 1999, I've accumulated wisdom from my trainings in yoga, meditation, massage therapy, Reiki, shamanism, energy medicine, somatic healing, psychic healing, animal communication and most importantly, my innate connection to Earth & Cosmos.

And since 2008, I've traveled to sacred sites around the world, from the vortices of the southwest, to the mystical Neolithic sites of the UK, trekking over towering Andean mountains that hold ancient Incan wisdom, bathing in purifying waters of Hawaiian Islands, to ancient temples of Turkey which hold divine feminine energies. Each site has provided me with powerful activations and wisdom which influence my teachings, healings and personal practice.

These retreats offer a tapestry of experiences, soul activations and a transference of ancient wisdom for you to embody and utilize as a powerful change agent in your life.

I am committed to ensuring a safe, supportive container by teaming up with trusted guides, lodging, transport, etc so that you feel secure in deepening into these experiences and  allow your soul to flourish.

It is my deepest honor to be a guide on your journey!

XOXO Jennifer

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