"Freeing yourself was one thing. Claiming ownership of that freed self was another" ~Toni Morrison


A women's wisdom circle

to build sisterhood

share & gain intuitive knowledge 

and deepen connection with

your inner wise woman.

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 "...there was something profoundly special about this group of very connected women. I have been on a high for the past two days and honestly it has been a long time since I’ve felt this good! Thank you everyone for showing up with your internal rainbows shining so brightly and for sharing your light with me." ~ K.M. 

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Something magical is happening...

An evolution in women who are reclaiming their vibrant, intuitive, empowered self.

Over the years, I've guided women, just like you, through profound experiences like Reiki trainings & wisdom schools where they've embarked on their own spiritual journeys, healed past traumas and released old, reactive patterns that have kept them stuck in life.  


They've connected to a deeper sense of themselves.

The result is a group of women who now navigate the world with their wise woman.


They view life with a spiritual maturity and intuitive knowledge that no matter what happens, "we've got this!"

Now, more than ever, there is a craving for community, an empowered sisterhood​ who knows how to run their life force energy, utilizes tools from their own medicine bag and leans into each other for shared wisdom so they may shine brighter in the world.

This sisterhood is for you if...

  • You're ready to have connected conversations with vibrant, evolved women

  • You're feeling an expansion of your own soul

  • You're craving ritual and ways to utilize the tools in your own medicine bag

  • You're longing for a supportive community to help you navigate life's stressors with collective of intuitive knowledge

"My advice to the women of America is to raise more hell and fewer dahlias.” ~ William Allen White

Orange Dahlia

Join us as we meet 5x a year in a circle of sacred space

for ritual, healing, mindfulness & masterminding

to help you stay connected with your inner wise woman

~ transformative half-day retreats meeting in-person 

~ Energy Alignment meditation

~ Reiki Light Activations in each meeting

~ Learning & working with your own oracle decks

~ Cacao Medicine to connect with Divine Mother

~ Focused deep-dive discussions on a chosen topic from the circle

~Astrological updates & alignments

builds confidence & self-esteem
safe-space to open up about sensitive personal issues
fosters deeper connection with like-minded women
reduces stress & increases emotional wellbeing
supports empowerment & resilience

5 Benefits of Joining a Women's Circle


open to 11 wise women  

DATES: We'll meet in-person on five Sundays through 2022 in alignment with the seasonal equinoxes & solstices plus a special Samhain circle.

March 20th, June 26th, September 18th, October 30th, December 18th

TIME: 9am-1:30pm, PST

LOCATION: Reiki of Marin, 300 Valley Street, Suite 202, Sausalito 

PRICING: includes 5 half-day retreats, oracle deck (TBA), Cacao, Reiki Light Activations, your own magical Wise Woman medicine bag + special Samhain surprise!

 The Circle is now full!

Enrollment for 2023 begins this fall.


Choose ork Exchange: Work Exchange now full!

There is space for one work exchange participant who will be asked to help with setup/cleanup, attending to parking & Zoom facilitation for each meeting.



Must have previously worked with Jennifer in 1:1 sessions, Reiki trainings or the 11 Path Wisdom school

If you have not met with Jennifer in any of these capacities, please feel free to connect with her to see if this is a good fit.

Email Jennifer: info@jbrinn.com


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to attend every meeting?

While it's understandable that life happens and you might need to miss a meeting, your attendance is important to create a safe, supportive, cohesive circle. Please enroll with the intention that you'll attend at least 4 of the 5 circles.

May I join virtually?

The Wise Woman Circle is limited to in-person attendance only.

What about confidentiality?

Confidentiality is one of the pillars that will hold our circle. This allows your fellow wise women to have a safe, supportive container to be vulnerable, share and mastermind with each other. Anything shared in circle, remains in circle. 

Why do you only accept women you've worked with?

The intention is to bring together a cohesive group of women who are on their spiritual journey. Women whom I've witnessed make great strides in their healing and approach life with an intuitive wisdom & spiritual maturity.

If you're feeling called to join us and we haven't worked together before, please send me a note so we can see if this is a good fit. info@jbrinn.com

May I invite my mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend...?

Yes...and really think about your decision to do so. This is a sacred circle for all who come where vulnerability is highly encouraged so we can guide each other through sensitive topics. Therefore, if you invite someone close to you, be sure you feel 100% comfortable discussing personal topics in front of them.

What if I identify as transgender or non-binary?

The Wise Woman Circle is inclusive and welcomes people who identify as women, transgender women and/or non-binary to join us. Please know that our discussion topics can lean predominantly towards women's issues.

Which oracle decks will we be working with?

This is to be determined, but I typically love working with Alana Fairchild's decks 

What is a Wise Woman Medicine Bag?

A Medicine Bag is a sacred container carried by shamans and traditionally filled with sacred objects & tools for healing purposes. You will receive a Wise Woman Medicine Bag as part of your enrollment and it will include sacred, high-frequency items for you to use both in circle and through your own daily life.

What is Samhain?

Samhain is an ancient druid tradition of celebrating the ending of harvest fall and entering into winter months. It's believed that this time from Oct 31-Nov 1 offers a "thinning of the veils" where we're able to better connect with the spirit world. We'll have a special circle on Oct 30th to honor this auspicious time.

Who will lead the Wise Woman Circle?

While I will be facilitating the circle, we will lead the circle as a group. This is not a class or training, but an opportunity for us to deepen our intuition and share knowledge from that place.

What will a typical circle look like?

Think of these circles as a place to receive wise counsel. We'll begin by opening the sacred circle with an invocation, drop into an Energy Alignment meditation to clear & run our life force energy, we'll set an intention for discussion, something you'd like resolution on, deepen into a journey with cacao & Reiki, then emerge into discussion with intuitive knowledge. These circles offer up meditation, ritual, journeying and Reiki so that we may access our inner wisdom and bring it into discussion.

I've been to women's groups before where they just talk about their problems and it doesn't seem to go anywhere. How will this be different?

As a facilitator who is interested in focused discussion, I pledge to guide us in discussions based on an intention that comes from the group. We will then tap into our inner wise woman and allow her to speak on only the given topic as a way to share knowledge from your like-minded sisters.

What sort of topics will we discuss?

Anything! The topics will typically be drawn from an issue that you or one of your sisters is having. Whether it be a challenge in relationship, child-rearing, navigating a move, loss of a loved one, healing old wounds from childhood, work stress, etc. This is a container to submit your deepest challenges and/or life questions into the well of feminine wisdom and receive sage guidance from a wealth of intuitive knowledge.


  • While this work can be complementary to medical care it should not be construed as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult a physician, chiropractor, or other qualified medical specialist for any mental or physical ailment.

  • By enrolling you're making a commitment for profound personal shift, creating a cohesive community and being an active participant within the group setting. Please enroll with the intention of showing up fully to each class.

  • Covid safety- With the understanding that Covid & variants are always changing, safety guidelines can fluctuate in an effort to keep everyone safe. As of Feb 16, 2022, the Marin County mask mandate has been lifted.If numbers increase in Marin County to unsafe levels, the possibility remains that we might have to interchange between in-person & virtual learning. We'll navigate this as we arrive at it.

  • Cancellation Policy: This program is non-refundable. However a pro-rated 50% credit towards any of Jennifer's offerings including healing sessions, Reiki trainings or retreats will be available at any time you decide this program isn't a good fit. Alternatively, your program may be placed on hold until you are able to re-enroll in a future Wise Woman Circle on a space-available basis. If for any reason The Wise Woman Circle is discontinued in the future, the aforementioned pro-rated credit will be issued.

  • Missed Class Policy: Class meetings are held in sacred circle and will not be recorded to uphold confidentiality, therefore there will be no opportunity for making up a missed meeting.