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a wisdom school for the soul

The number 11 is known as the karmic Master Number, the "Illuminator", of your soul's mission.

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A Wisdom School

that brings you on

a soul's journey of healing, discovery

& real change.

You'll deepen your connection with Spirit,

clear trauma & karmic patterns,

elevate your vibrational frequency

&  fully activate a new life path.

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"I've been working with Jennifer for ~4 years and she is phenomenal.  What started as a curiosity about Reiki, has turned into a completely transformative experience.  Jennifer has been instrumental in helping me lift layers of energy that was holding me back from my potential, and truly helped me navigate my path.  I highly recommend Jennifer and her work for anyone looking for a change, large or small, you're in absolutely fabulous hands to guide you on your journey!"  K.T  VP at a Technology Company


We have entered a new age!

Since 2009, I have witnessed an evolution in women just like you who are reclaiming their vibrant, intuitive, empowered self.

  • You're ready to release what no longer serves you.

  • You're ready to acknowledge old wounds, meet them head on, hold them in your heart and heal them once and for all.

  • You're ready to put you first, to set healthy boundaries, so you can show up fully engaged in your relationships, your work & your wellbeing.

  • You're ready to deepen into your divine feminine spirit and let it reveal a new version of you.

  • You're ready to let go of fear and self-sabotage.

  • You're ready to navigate life with curiosity, playfulness, magic & wisdom

  • You're ready to connect with your wise woman, your inner badass, your gorgeous goddess and let her take the driver's seat.


I know how vulnerable and even confusing it can be when you feel called towards your soul's path, but have trouble identifying what exactly it is.

This is why I've created The 11 Path Wisdom School. Together we'll illuminate the way forward to self-healing & discovery with wisdom teachings, meditations, rituals, and so much more!

This journey connects you with the tools to move beyond your current limitations and embrace the wisdom & divinity you've always known in your bones.

As you take the leap of faith by enrolling in The 11 Path, I want to honor your commitment to align with your soul's journey and welcome you to a more loving, expansive, powerful expression of yourself!

Join me on a journey to honor & align with our individual callings.
each month we'll meet in sacred space for ritual, healing,
mindfulness & masterminding
you'll leave with a deeper sense of meaning, embodiment,
clarity & purpose



"Jennifer is an extraordinary teacher, healer and guide. I am so grateful to have completed the [11 Path] with her. The program’s design is intentional and fluid from start to finish. Jennifer guides you the whole way through. The entire program is a journey of self healing, learning, growing. I knew immediately from the first meeting that this is what I needed to become aligned in my life and free myself from feeling “stuck.” This program did just that and much more, it is life changing! I will continue my Reiki journey with Jennifer for many years to come." S.W. fitness instructor

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~ transformative daylong retreats meeting in-person or virtually

~ Guest "soul guides" offering soul-expanding activities

~ Reiki Light Activations in each meeting

~ Learning & working with your own Tarot Deck

~ Cacao Medicine Journey to connect with Divine Mother

~ 1:1 Mentoring with Jennifer

~ Work with Stellar Light Codes

~ Work with Ascended Masters of Divine Feminine

~ Invitation & Special Discounts for Reiki Trainings



We'll discuss your emotional patterns and the behaviors that keep you stuck in the top 4 areas of life: career, relationships, health & spirituality. 

You'll discover your innate perfection through the lens of the Divine.


Your Subtle Body is your body's energy system.

The stronger it is the more vibrant & fortified you feel in the world.

You'll be guided through an in-depth understanding of the  body's energy system from the cells to the chakras.


Consider this an owner's manual to your operating system,

 empowering you to identify and heal your own imbalances.



In order to feel centered we must first find our center.

We each have an energetic centerpoint which is our "seat of consciousness".

 My signature Energy Flow Meditation helps you practice detachment from ego, connects you with 2 major powers sources & gives you a simple energetic practice to set healthy emotional & energetic boundaries.


You'll be given powerful, yet  simple energetic techniques to and use your superpower to lift the

energy of an entire room!


We are Spirits having a human experience.

You'll begin to feel a sense of unity with everything.

You'll sense there is more to life than what we see & grasp the fullness of your spirituality.


You'll be working with a special tarot deck, one that I've been working with for over 16 years.

You'll learn how to do your own 7-card tarot reading to connect with your Spirit Guides to give you insight on what you need in order to align with a higher spiritual state.


We are intuitive by nature. We all have intuitive gifts.


Your intuition begins to naturally increase. You'll begin to experience life differently with a renewed internal sense of knowing.


You'll receive real & easy tools to strengthen your own intuitive gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience & clairaudience.


We are made of the same elements as the stars, biologically connected to 

everything in the universe.

You'll gain an understanding of one of the most important astrological aspects, your North Node.

Examining your North Node astrology, you'll understand who you are as spirit, your karmic patterns & what you came here to do in this lifetime.


An essential part of mind + body wellness is cultivating a sacred space.

Sitting in a sacred space each day facilitates a quieter mind and joyful state of being.

You'll begin to feel more centered & balanced. 

Therefore it's important that your external atmosphere matches your internal atmosphere.

We'll explore the use of crystals, space-clearing techniques & how to create more harmony in your environment by setting your sacred space.


Reimagining what you want in life and opening your entire energy field to it.

We'll help you understand the real law of attraction and where you hold blocks around the things you really want to manifest.

We'll practice energetic exercises to open your field and help you re-prioritize what's truly important.



Align with the 11:11 frequencies and your celestial guides.

We'll take crystal healing to the quantum level by developing rituals to connect you with star beings from higher dimensions, ultimately helping you manifest your intentions.



Connect with Ascended Masters who hold Divine Mother frequencies

We'll create ritual & meditative space to connect and channel the wisdom of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Goddess Isis and Kwan Yin. As you integrate these transformative energies into your own being you'll naturally ripple them out into the world around you.

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  • While this work can be complementary to medical care it should not be construed as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult a physician, chiropractor, or other qualified medical specialist for any mental or physical ailment.

  • By enrolling you're making a commitment for profound personal shift and also being an active participant within the group setting. Please enroll with the intention of showing up fully to each class.

  • Covid safety- With the understanding that Covid & variants are always changing, safety guidelines can fluctuate in an effort to keep everyone safe. At this time, all students who enroll for in-person learning must wear a mask regardless of vaccine status. If numbers increase in Marin County to unsafe levels, the possibility remains that we might have to interchange between in-person & virtual learning. We'll navigate this as we arrive at it.

  • Cancellation Policy: This program is non-refundable. However a pro-rated 30% credit towards healing sessions will be available at any time you decide this program isn't a good fit. Alternatively, your program may be placed on hold until you are able to re-enroll in a future 11 Path program on a space-available basis. If for any reason The 11 Path Program is discontinued in the future, the aforementioned pro-rated credit will be issued.

  • Missed Class Policy: Class meetings will be recorded via Zoom. Any student who misses a class will be able to view the recording.