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Jennifer Brinn, Reiki healer in Ross, CA

Since 2003, I've had the honor of guiding amazing people just like you into the most authentic, badass versions of themselves. 

Here's what they say...

"I had a wonderful experience with Jennifer and am looking forward to our future sessions. She provided a wonderful experience that gave me the ability to soak into a more calm, compassionate and loving place for myself." ~ NATALIE C. CORPORATE WELLNESS

“My experience with Jennifer was amazing and life changing. Jennifer has a clear and beautiful energy that illuminates the room and brings a calmness that I continue to feel. Thank you, Jennifer, for recognizing your light. It has forever enlighten my soul.”  ~ D.W. INTERIOR DESIGNER

"Jennifer is an amazing healer with strong intuition and deep commitment to serving others on their path of well-being.  The reiki sessions I experienced with her facilitated a profound sense of relaxation and a shift in my ability to experience life with awareness and happiness.  I left my sessions with Jennifer feeling nurtured, inspired and hopeful. " ~KRISTEN H. CHIROPRACTOR

"I credit working with Jennifer among one of the most transformational experiences of my life with zero exaggeration. After being in therapy for years I realized there was an aspect of healing I wasn't able to access with the rational mind and was guided to Jennifer who walked with me on a journey of releasing my past and learning to return to my body. She is a true healer with a wise soul and a depth of knowledge that she so beautifully shares with the world...I am forever grateful for her healing, guidance and support."

"Jennifer is an extraordinary teacher, healer and guide. She is warm and welcoming. The (11 PATH) program's design is intentional and fluid from start to finish. Jennifer guides you the whole way through.

The entire program is a journey of self healing, learning, growing and truly finding your vibe.  I knew immediately that this is what I needed to become aligned in my life and free myself from feeling "stuck."

 This program did just that and much more, it is life changing! I will continue my Reiki journey with Jennifer for many years to come" ~SAMANTHA W. FITNESS INSTRUCTOR

"Working with Jennifer has been so rewarding. She has helped me navigate such energetic shifts that I have been able to focus on what really works for my life path and what actually no longer serves me. It's been and continues to be an amazing journey." ~CATE C. EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT

"I have worked with Jennifer for years. She is an insightful Reiki Master and Teacher as well as an adept intuitive! She has always given relief to my physical body, mind and emotions as well as my spirit! Her services have been invaluable to me." ~ELLA D. VP OF OPERATIONS

 "We accomplished in one week what I've been trying to do in talk therapy for years! Jennifer is an extraordinary teacher, healer and guide. Her direct approach is also warm and welcoming. This is what I needed to become aligned in my life and free myself from feeling "stuck." ~ ROBERTA C. DIR. MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS

"Honestly I don't really have the amount of words to truly say thank you in helping shape me over these years. But in the unspoken, truly from my heart, simply thank you.  " ~SARAH M. TECH-PRENEUR

"I've been working with Jennifer for ~4 years and she is phenomenal.  What started as a curiosity about Reiki, has turned into a completely transformative experience.  Jennifer has been instrumental in helping me lift layers of energy that was holding me back from my potential, and truly helped me navigate my path.  I highly recommend Jennifer and her work for anyone looking for a change, large or small, you're in absolutely fabulous hands to guide you on your journey!"~ KIRSTY T  VP IN TECH

"In the last decade I've met at least 50 healers around the world but Jennifer is still the person I turn to for guidance in all areas of my life. She has the innate ability to pull the wisdom and truth that's already in me to the surface. In that way, she is incredibly self-empowering. In the time we have worked together, the shifts in both my outer and inner life have been so noticeable that people now eagerly inquire what I've done. I credit her with singlehandedly changing my life and will be forever grateful." ~ ALKA T. VP FINANCE & INVESTOR

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