Follow Your Yes!

Did you know you've got a superpower?

It's called your "vibe", "spirit","mojo", "juju". That passionate person inside you just waiting to emerge and say "tah-dah!"

My ultimate goal is to align you with your superpower so you're able to live life fully.

Saying yes!

Over the course of nearly two decades, I've used a mind+body+spirit approach to guide people, just like you in accomplishing amazing life goals and daring transitions with new enthusiasm, courage and confidence.


But they all had to do one thing first, say yes!

Shed the "yuck"

I'm here to tell you, those "yes" moments weren't instant. In fact it took a few no's to that inner critic standing in their way.


That inner critic dulls your light and disempowers your inner wisdom making you feel lackluster and function at a lower vibe, aka, the "yuck".

What's your YES?

Chances are this isn't the first time you've said yes to something.

In fact, you've said a million yes's in your life.

But some of those yes's might not have worked out so well.


Because one of the secret ingredients to saying yes is knowing that you're aligned with that yes!  

This is how I help you!

Our best work uses a series of 5 integrative sessions using a mind+body+spirit approach so you feel lighter, clear, aligned, energized and, most importantly, ready to move forward with your yes!

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Session 1: Finding Your Yes!

In our first meeting we'll discuss your intentions. In exploring the

core areas of life,

career, relationships, health & spirituality, we'll identify your Yes & how to move forward.

Session 2: Shed the Yuck

Through energetic analysis & spiritual coaching I help you uncover the blindspots of where you're feeling stuck & provide a simple 4-step strategy of how to release these old patterns

Session 3: Energy Clearing

You'll learn a valuable guided meditative exercise to pinpoint energy blocks, connect with 2 major powers sources, find your center & feel more resilient any time you're feeling stuck on your path.

Session 4: Roadmap

We gain full clarity on what you want, what's in alignment, continue clearing and residual blocks & prioritize with a

roadmap for your dreams.

Session 5: Tarot Reading

These powerful 7-card readings

call in your spirit guides providing the wisdom & insight you need to shift old patterns, step into a higher way of being & confidently move through life's crossroads.


Follow Your Yes Series


what you get:

  • 5/50min Mobile Coaching Sessions

  • coverage of the above modules

  • 3 Worksheets

  • Recording of your Tarot Reading

  • 5/follow-up emails to keep you on track


Follow Your Yes Series


what you get:

  • 5/90min sessions

  • coverage of the above modules

  • 3 Worksheets

  • Recording of your Tarot Reading

  • 5/follow-up emails to keep you on track

  • 5/45min Reiki healings


Follow Your Yes Series



what you get:

  • 5 web modules w/video tutorials

  • 1/45min Mobile Personal Kickoff Session

  • 3 Worksheets

  • 5/follow-up emails to keep you on track

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"I'm so glad I met you! These sessions have helped me so much. For the first time in my life I can see what's actually possible in my personal life & career!" ~E.M.


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Important Registration details for Follow Your Yes Series:

Once you register, you'll be contacted via email within 24 hours to schedule your Series.

  • ​for optimum results, sessions are booked within an 8-week period.(excludes Online Series)

  • meetings are scheduled during normal studio hours Mon, Tues, Thurs or Fri (excludes Online Series)

  •  While this work can be complementary to medical care it should not be construed as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult a physician, chiropractor, or other qualified medical specialist for any mental or physical ailment.

  • Cancellation Policy: This program is a commitment and an investment.  My 24-hour Cancellation Policy is in effect for these meetings. Please call, email or text me at least 24 hours before to reschedule a meeting. A no-show to a meeting will result in the loss of that particular meeting and no make-ups will be offered.

  •  Return Policy: This program is non-refundable. However a full credit towards healing sessions will be available at any time you decide this program isn't a good fit. (excludes Online Series)

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