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I now offer residential space clearings to super-charge the energy in your home. 

What is Space Clearing?

Space clearing is the art of clearing and revitalizing stagnant energies in your environment.

Why do we need Space Clearing?

Stagnant home energy will show up in emotional & physical manifestations, which can make us feel out of sorts and unable to explain why. Space Clearing dissolves stagnation, allowing for a much more vibrant, peaceful atmosphere in your home.


Assessment & Clearing

Because I'm an Energy Intuitive, I'm able to identify energetic imbalances in your environment. 

In a professional space-clearing, I will assess your interior for energetic stagnation, or trapped energy. I also involves you as a student, guiding you how to space-clear your rooms for future clearings.


I employ a series of energetic clearing techniques based in feng-shui, Reiki and Native American principles, which include sound-healing, smudging (burning sage),  clapping & chanting.

Intention & Manifesting

Together you will identify your intentions for your home. What you want to create and manifest.

The clearing ends with a tarot reading to help give you the wisdom you need to bring your intentions to fruition.

 "The space feels wonderful.  I feel a real shift in the energy, especially in the bedroom.  I have actually started spending more time in there reading in the evenings.  Thank you thank you thank you! "



$200/ 1st hour

$150/ each additional hour

The length of time for a space-clearing depends on the size of your home & assessed on-site.


Studio Apartment approx. 2 hours =$350

2 Bedroom home approx. 3.5 hours = $575

4 Bedroom home approx. 5 hours = $800

What's included:

  • travel time within Marin/San Francisco*

  • personalized space-clearing

  • personalized tarot reading

  • instruction for future space-clearings

*Additional travel time outside of Marin/San Francisco will be assessed at the time of booking.



Clean Your Space 

Space-clearing is different than house-cleaning & de-cluttering.


Your space will need to be as clean and uncluttered as possible. It is highly recommended to employ a professional house-cleaning and/or organizer prior to your space-clearing for optimum results.

Clean Walls

Be sure to wipe down all the walls and baseboards in each room with a mild salt-water solution using 1 cup of sea salt in 1 gallon of water.

Quiet Space

The space clearing will need to be done in a quiet space. Please be prepared to turn off electronics and cell phones. Small children are best kept with a sitter outside of the home. Calm pets are okay.

To ensure the best outcome all of the above are mandatory before a space-clearing can be done.

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