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Thorough, in-depth training integrating discussion, self-care, group work, & plenty of practice, the VIBE Reiki Training offers a full range of classes from basic  to professional levels.


Offering Reiki, Intuitive channeling, Spiritual Coaching, Tarot, Crystal Healing & Aromatherapy, to help restore your natural balance.

Follow Your Yes! Series

 5 integrative coaching sessions using a mind+body+spirit approach to help you identify your goals, feel lighter, clear, aligned, energized and, most importantly, ready to move forward with your "yes"!

Emerge as the best version of yourself.

  • Quiet your inner-critic

  • Release old emotional patterns

  • Naturally manage stress & anxiety

  • Increase your body's energy

  • Identify energetic imbalances

  • Create stamina & resilience

  • Prioritize what's important

  • Deepen your spiritual growth

  • Clarify your goals

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing modality in which the practitioner channels a high vibrational energy through their hands and into whom ever they're working with so they may bring them into a state of calm and balance.

The Reiki energy flows peacefully through your body like a gentle waterfall, clearing any blockage to help relieve physical and emotional tension. 

You leave the session feeling deeply relaxed, clear and restored.

Because the Reiki energy is a higher vibration, your mind+body begins to also shift into a higher vibratory state, helping you make better choices and create real change.


“My experience with Jennifer was amazing and life changing. Jennifer has a clear and beautiful energy that illuminates the room and brings a calmness that I continue to feel. Thank you, Jennifer, for recognizing your light. It has forever enlighten my soul.” 

D.W., Interior Designer

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