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for mapping your soul's path

The number 5 appears when you're called to make important life changes to allow positive opportunities to flow into your life.


In numerology 2021 is considered a 5 Universal Year, a midway point of growth.

An opportunity to look at where you've been and where you're called to go.


Shaman, Lena Stevens of The Power Path writes,

"We are in a new time, a new landscape, a new sun (according to Toltec wisdom), a new vibration and frequency, and completely new potential and opportunity for a whole new experience of life. This month we look at new containers, new support systems, new attitudes and beliefs, and new ways we can create a start-up for ourselves."


A start-up forms from an inspired idea. It then requires a container, an incubator, to cultivate that idea with a support team of experts and allies. From there a foundation is formed to help create the structure and path forward.


Consider yourself a start-up and this is the incubator using 5 building blocks of positive psychology, mindfulness, energy-clearing, visioning & tarot to connect you with your soul's truth.


You'll learn alongside like-minded allies to clear the mental clutter & energetic debris to help you streamline your deepest intentions and align with a more resonant life.


A One-time Event!

Normally the 5 Path is only offered as a 1:1 program  throughout the year. But this is a limited group offering to ignite & inspire you for 2021!



Session 1: Intention

A container to discuss the idea & potency of creating intention for your life. We'll explore the 4 core areas of career, relationships, health & spirituality to help launch you forward.

Session 2: Shed the Inner Critic

Through energetic analysis & spiritual coaching I help you uncover the blindspots of where you're feeling stuck & provide a simple 4-step strategy of how to release these old patterns

Session 3: Energy Clearing

You'll learn a valuable guided meditative exercise to pinpoint energy blocks, connect with 2 major powers sources, find your center & feel more resilient any time you're feeling stuck on your path.

Session 4: Roadmap

We gain full clarity on what you want, what's in alignment, continue clearing and residual blocks & prioritize with a

roadmap for your dreams.

Session 5: Tarot Reading

These powerful 7-card readings

call in your spirit guides providing the wisdom & insight you need to shift old patterns, step into a higher way of being & confidently move through life's crossroads.


"I'm so glad I met you! These sessions have helped me so much. For the first time in my life I can see what's actually possible in my personal life & career!" ~E.M.


—  Name, Title


The incubator exists as 5 potent live, online interactive experiences which include opening into sacred space, meditation, energy clearing, intention-building & the divination tool of tarot.


While you will receive recordings of each session, you're asked to be an active participant in these experiences in order to create an atmosphere of supportive allies necessary for inspiration, accountability and growth. 


Thursdays Feb 4th-March 4th


Registration is now closed.     Learn more about 5 Path 1:1

Additional required materials: Osho Zen Tarot, The Transcendental Game of Zen

Cancellation Policy: Registration fees are non-refundable. However you will receive live recordings of all 5 sessions included with your registration.

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