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Join me in Marin County for

hiking & healing rituals that empower you & restore your natural balance.

Elemental is a spiritually nourishing offering, which acts as an antidote for the disconnects of modern life.

We'll explores our innate tendencies to connect deeply with the natural world

through walking, rituals, meditations, healing & journaling


We return to the beliefs of indigenous peoples 

that there is wisdom within

the trees, plants, mountains, rocks & animals.

Elemental holds open the door where the physical & spiritual intersect, meeting this intrinsic knowing that

we are one.

"The breeze at dawn

has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep." ~ Rumi

out of balance

Our modern world has us living at warp speed.


This pace has given rise to a heightened sense of urgency in every detail of our daily lives.

As humans doing we've lost touch with our connection to the ebb and flow of our natural biorhythms which is resulting in sleep disorders, digestive disorders, increased anxiety, depression and overall malaise.

This is not who we are.

This is not why we are here.


We are human beings, here to co-create.

There is a call for us to pause and recalibrate

with our internal power sources.

As we disconnect from the man-made world and reunite with the natural world, we realize we are in communion with the ancient, innate wisdom of living systems. A wisdom that begins to inform how we show up in the world.

Through this communion we restore.

Through this communion we evolve.

elemental world

Indigenous cultures honor the spirit of Earth.

They revere mountains, water, trees and animals as spiritual beings in unity with all things.

There is wisdom here for us too. We learn to walk with them, to communicate with them. We learn that we are part of an enormous web of life. We learn to lean in to a sense of support much greater than anything we've known.

With this wisdom, we understand.

With this wisdom, we thrive!

 "Jennifer has an open dialog with the sacred stones, ancient trees, leaves, grasses, birds, father sky, mother earth, and shares her personal mandala for meditation.

 ...I came away with a peaceful knowing that no matter what is happening in life, there is always peace and clarity in nature." ~ M.W. Interior Designer

Jennifer is a healer, energy intuitive & spiritual coach who is deeply connected to the energies of the natural world.

She blends various teachings & healing practices from Reiki, yoga, crystals and shamanism to create her own medicine bag.


She is honored to share the wisdom and healing of nature with each person who comes.

Elemental: the why

Elemental is for you if...

You're feeling depleted by the demands of daily life
You're at a crossroads and need clarity on major life decision
Your mind is stuck in a negative feedback loop

You want a deeper spiritual practice

You feel like you're spinning and unsupported

Elemental: the benefits

Gain insight & practices for a more balanced life

Connect with a wiser, more loving higher self

Strengthen your mind, body & spirit

Strengthen your spiritual belief in a deeper sense of support.

Elemental: the details

Elemental is a personal journey guiding you back to a deeper sense of self through a series of discussions, meditations, hiking and rituals over the course of approx. 2 hours.

  • Identify your intentions for healing

  • Hike a moderate 2mile loop quietly through the natural beauty of Marin County

  • Be guided through several energy portals connecting with elemental spirits

  • Receive a cleansing ceremony to release unwanted energies

  • Create an offering in the spirit of "ayni" or reciprocity, giving & receiving

  • Receive a crystal healing to renew your body's energy system

  • Receive your power animal in the Vision Circle

what to bring:

  • a small 100% biodegradable offering of  flowers, crystals, stones, shells, etc. 

  • pen & journal

  • yoga mat & carry case

  • lightweight blanket for lying down

  • sunscreen & hat (optional)

  • eye pillow or bandana (optional)

  • your smartphone & ear buds 

  • water

  • a small daypack to carry everything

what to wear:

  • comfortable clothing for hiking (dress in layers as weather changes)

  • trail or hiking shoes

  • hat

  • sunglasses

  • sunscreen

Booking guidelines

  • choose Mon, Tues, Thurs or Fri

  • only 3 sessions will be booked each week

  • location is in San Anselmo in Marin County (exact location given at time of appt)

  • Sliding Scale Pricing $185-$235 paid at least 24hrs in advance with credit card only.

book now: