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Being a Spirit in the Material World

Updated: Jan 10, 2018

There is a mythical story about creation by the greek philosopher, Aristophanes who tells of how once upon a time all humans were conjoined and walked around with two heads, four arms and four legs and were either male/female, male/male or female/female. These creatures walked around completely contented, loving themselves and their life on earth that they became ignorant of respecting the Gods. Zeus severed them all in half due to their disrespect and afterwards they roamed the land always in search of 'the One' to satisfy their longing for wholeness.

There are belief systems which continue to adhere to this idea of separation between humans and gods. When really it is not God who is casting us into separation, but ourselves. When we feel separation there is a despair like no other and we go outside of ourselves for inclusion. We go in search of others’ wisdom, love, acceptance when all we need is within us because we are part of the whole, seedlings of the Divine.

Reunited, and it feels so good..

There's a line in the film "When Harry Met Sally" when Billy Crystal says to Meg Ryan, "When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to begin right away." It may sound odd, but the moment I connected to my Spirit, I felt the same way and began doing everything in my power to scramble closer to that relationship. I meditated for hours in a day, went on retreats, read books, sought spiritual advice.

My story might be similar to yours. Plodding along in my regular life until something whispered to me “wake up”. I got quieter, I listened and it guided me. Before I knew it I was vaporized from the corporate world and landed in this current life of a healer and intuitive. I answered what was being called of me. And, as with any relationship, there are moments of bliss and some rocky points, those times when I spin around, give the head bob to Divine and declare, "Oh no you did'int!"

Since time began we’ve been creating ways to better connect with our Spirit through prayer, meditation, dance, chanting, playing music, making art, even ingesting plant medicine. We use just about anything we can to bring us closer to that inspired state we long for yet have so much resistance in keeping. We have placed so many barriers and distractions in our path that we have forgotten how to return home.

Our connection to Spirit lets our own divine connection shine through and touch each other.


The Hindu gesture of Namaste translates beautifully as “I bow to you”. It recognizes the belief that the life force, the divinity, the God in me is the same in everyone. Upon entering this world we arrive as big energetic beings living in small infant bodies. Have you ever noticed how babies have no filters and just stare at you with innocent curiosity? There are no imprints yet left behind by a parent, peer, teacher, etc. Over time we begin to be layered with these imprints..some good..some not so good. By time we embark on a path of self-awareness we find that we’re often buried underneath all the layers of other people’s 'stuff' we've accumulated over the years. 

Seeking a spiritual connection ultimately leads us to an opportunity to begin shedding the layers.  We begin to take stock of our life and weed out the beliefs, patterns and behaviors which no longer serve us. We continue to gain new tools and information. We replace the old information which has caused our emotional patterning, physical postures, facial expression and even body weight. As this happens we shed the old...lightening up the load, leading us toward new knowledge..hence en-lighten-ment! 

What I ultimately realized is that Spirit is always within, just waiting for me to show up. We have the emotional capacity, the strength, the bandwidth to surpass our own limiting imprints and patterns. Sometimes it means digging deeper. Yes, in our lifetime we get wounded, the proverbial fall off the bike. We scrape our knees, our hearts get broken, we go through loss, we go through abuse, we go through the deep, dark scarys. But the astonishing thing about the human spirit is that we are resilient. The latin etymology of this word, is "to jump, leap". Our connection to Spirit lets our own divine connection shine through and touch each other. Yes, recoil from the ouchies, then take the juicy, vulnerable, heart-centered leap forward!

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