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Full Moon Update: Libra

The Full Moon in Libra happens Saturday March 31st at 5:37 a.m. PST.

This full moon supports us to step outside of the matrix of collective consciousness and sit back in our energetic alignment. Full moon is all about release. What is yours and what is everyone else’s? Yes, we can absorb other people’s “yuck” and we can absorb our own “yuck”. Everything the ego emits gets thrown into the big collective soup pot and simmers just in front of us all the time.

Coming back to the garden

Since 2012 we entered into a new consciousness with the realization that we truly are Divine Consciousness embodied. We are all one, we are all seedlings from Divine with its same potency. And all that really means is that we are peace, love, light, grace and bliss 24/7. For example, we can’t be “in-love” with someone, because we are love. Love is a state of being, not a verb. So love just vibes out from us. However, our ego is so conditioned to swim in the collective “yuck” soup that it forgets how good it is to be connected back to our spirit, our Divine Consciousness. That’s why you might have periods of time when you feel really connected to all that is, then somehow get sucked back into “reality” which isn’t reality at all, but one giant illusion.

I’m sharing this with you because during this full moon in Libra is about balancing the scales. But think about the scales being vertical, rather than horizontal. Meaning, we have access to two enormous power sources, Universe and Earth. And if you’re thinking, this is woo-woo, hold on. We are made up of the same atomic energy of stars and earth. Atomic energy is what powers the 35 trillion cells in our bodies. We have an ability to link up to that energetic alignment within ourselves through our root chakra, our crown chakra and everything in between. Yet, in order to do that we actually have to sit back in our energetic alignment, our center, our spirit, rather than externalizing our energy and spinning out to a point of depletion.

We are being supported, now more than ever, to align our ego with our spirit, training it to stay in that gorgeous state of peace, love, light, grace and bliss rather than swim around in the icky poo-poo “yuck” soup.

I know what you’re thinking, “If I stay in the gorgeous garden of peace, love, light, grace & bliss, then I’ll never get anything done.”

Wrong. You actually get more done, more efficiently and it’s all aligned with your spirit, rather than what the ego thinks it “should” be doing.

This balance has always been available, it’s who we inherently are. Now more than ever, we are being supported to truly plug into it and over the next year begin to remain there.

We are being supported, now more than ever, to align our ego with our spirit, training it to stay in that gorgeous state of peace, love, light, grace and bliss rather than swim around in the icky poo-poo “yuck” soup.

Word on the street about Full Moon in Libra:

Lena Stevens of The Power Path writes,

"Spend some time during this moon reflecting on what needs balance in your life and then implement something to honor your commitment to include more balance in your life. The biggest one in our culture is usually the balance between being and doing, between the masculine and the feminine. This is a big theme these days and any focus you put on this issue in your own life will greatly benefit the whole as well. So where are you out of balance? Too much Doing? Too much Being? Too much negative Feminine (resentment, inertia, martyrdom, depression) or to much negative Masculine (anxiety, sleeplessness, overwork, aggression, anger, impatience)?

Look to nature for healing. Spend some time in nature and receive the healing and the imprint for good balance that nature can provide. Practice being, listening, taking more time, resting etc., if you are a too much “doing” person, and bring in more action, physical activity, projects and proactive choices if you are stuck in too much “being”."

Astrologer, Pat Liles writes,

"The Sun and Moon also form a Mystic Rectangle with the North and South Nodes.  The Mystic Rectangle is made of aspects of ease and grace and opportunity to move our spiritual lessons down into our physical, every day lives.  That’s a strong message (!) suggesting the mental objectivity, loving heart-felt cooperation and harmony that our Libra Moon spotlights are the evolutionary way forward for us as we learn to balance the masculine and feminine within ourselves and in our relating to each other."

Astrologer, Steven Shroyer of Seattle Astrology writes,

"When we realize that “how” we learn can be aligned with our inner freedom and creativity, then we can shift away from outside authorities determining “what” we learn and what information we have access to. As our awareness increases, we awaken to the realization of all the ways in which our culture is dominated by what we are told to learn. This Lunar cycle is an opportunity to turn the tables on those who have told us what to learn and, by extension, what to think."

Astrologer, Tanaaz Chubb writes,

"Everything you need is already inside of you, and under the presence of this Libra Blue Moon, you will really be able to unlock and release all that is stopping you from knowing who you truly are and accessing the innate wisdom that lives within.

Seeing as this Full Moon falls in the sign of Libra, you are also going to be encouraged to think about how you can bring balance back into your life."

Full Moon Ritual:

  • Journal about a moment when you felt disconnected, when you felt separate from everything & everyone, when you felt misunderstood, alone, unsupported.

  • As you journal you'll notice the emotional charge rising up again. It's ok, you are supported, feel the emotions and let them release onto your journal.

  • Now sit back. Feel your spine connecting with the support behind you, whether it's the chair, the wall or the vibrant energy of your spirit guides.

  • Make the agreement with your body to be supported in this moment.

  • Feel the center of your being running through your spine. This is your internal seat of wisdom and power.

  • Now that you've connected to that seat, place your left hand (receiving hand) up to receive that shadow piece of you. Place your right hand on the journal entry.

  • Agree to welcome the shadow home to your seat of power, security and wisdom. Then agree to fully release the upset that lies in your journal entry.

  • "I fully release old patterns which no longer serve me and I take my seat in the powerful position of being co-creator with Universe and Mother Earth"

  • Take it a step further and tear out the journal entry, burn it in your fireplace, bury it in the sand, send it afloat on an ocean wave. Anything you can think that fully releases it back to the Universe. Then sit back and witness the spaciousness within you for new energies to reside.

The healing work I do helps you to identify the shadow pieces, together we release the old patterns and connect you to your wise spirit. If you'd like more support with this, come see me!

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