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New Moon Update: Cancer

New Moon in Cancer happens Tuesday July 2, 2019 at 11:18 am

When a baby is born they go from the watery, dreamy, amniotic-filled womb through the birth canal and into this physical realm. That birthing has a fiery, action-packed energy filled with contractions, pushing, effort, hence the term, “labor”.

Then there is the landing, the swaddling, the napping, the feeding. Grounding into this earthly realm. An earth energy that’s necessary for early stages of growth.

As the child grows there becomes more activity, growing, adapting, walking, falling, learning, discovering. Taking flight in the new world parallels an air-like quality.

I’ve come to the realization that the astrological year holds a similar path for our growth. We’re birthed from the watery Pisces new moon of March into the beginning of the astrological calendar of fiery Aries new moon in April. We’re given a little time to ground with earth Taurus new moon in May, then we’re off 0-60, learning to fly in the airy June new moon.

By the time we return to July’s watery new moon in Cancer it feels like we’re ready for that nap with our bah-bah!

Lena Stevens of The Power Path signaled, that June was going to be turbulent in order for you to see how adaptable you could be. It was a test in your spiritual growth. How hard do you cry when you fall for the first time, then the second, the third? How easily do you adapt?

"Let us hold you"

One of my personal karmic challenges is asking the Divine for help. After a turbulent June, I planted myself on the hillside last week had a small tantrum, shook my fist at the Universe, then surrendered and asked my spiritual team for help, for wisdom, for vision, for knowledge.

And after a few moments of settling into meditation, I felt a loving, embrace by invisible hands of energy around my mid-torso, easing the spots where I store tension. And then I heard their message, “Let us hold you.”

I melted into their embrace. I cried tears of relief. Something much more loving and powerful and expansive had my back.

We make being a human so hard on ourselves. We forget to take the baby steps, trying to fly from crawling and then we look around bewildered by our mishaps.

Like a parent of a toddler, your guides want you to walk with them, to hold their hands so they can better guide you on your spiritual path.

But if you’ve ever had a toddler, you’ll know that a tiny taste of independence and free will launches them far ahead of you on a walk only to watch them face-plant a few moments later. Eventually the toddler learns to walk with more strength, ease, skill and confidence and as a parent you feel confident of giving them more freedom. This is how we learn to walk with our guides.

June might have felt aggravating with a few too many face-plants. The more you had the more you grew. The hope is that you’re now able to look back with empowerment to see why these supposed mishaps occurred for you rather than to you.

Summer Solstice Re-entry:

If you can imagine what it’s like for an astronaut to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere this is what last Friday’s summer solstice was like as it brought a powerful, yet jarring upgrade to your energy system. A fiery, turbulent, re-entry as you hurdle back into the the watery birth portal of July’s Cancer new moon next Tuesday July 2nd.

The card I pulled from the Lightworker’s Oracle Deck was "Soul Child":

“Rebirth is upon you, beautiful child of the Universe. You have prepared for a new life and it is starting right now. The divine moment of rebirth which occurs after a period of struggle, of intense inner work and physical transformation has arrived. Enjoy getting to know this new self. It is a new day and new beginning, a new you . Like an adventurer enjoying the discovery of a brand new world, take your time to explore the increase of your light, power and love.”

New Moon in Cancer governs the ability to be nurtured, focusing on home, family, safety, intimacy and growth.

“Let us hold you.” Take time and return to that lazy hammock of summer, let yourself be gently rocked and held by your own guides.

Remember that summer is the pause between planting and harvesting. This is a time to reconnect with your guides, your inner wisdom, your biorhythms. Take time in nature for long walks, find a swimming hole, read a good book with your toes buried in the sand and savor each moment. See you on the other side!

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Guide to Setting New Moon in Cancer Intentions

New moons are great astrological timings to help bring your intentions to full manifestation. I like writing 5-10 solid intentions based on what the current New Moon rules (see samples below). You may keep them in a journal, place them in a jar, I’ve even deposited mine into the hollow of my favorite tree. The key is to write them from your heart, then send them up freely to the Universe so you may be graced with their fruition in good time.

Remember, these intentions may not come to manifest overnight or even during the month. It’s important to release your hold on them and allow what is in your highest alignment to come through.

In her book, New Moon Astrology, Jan Spiller defines the theme for our intentions in this New Moon. Cancer rules:

Foundations: Home, family, gut instincts, internal perspective

Sample intentions:

"I want to easily attract and find the right home for me."

"I want to easily find myself spending more happy time with my family"

"I want to experience an increase in my security & joy"

"I want to easily find myself trusting & listening to my guy instincts"

Safety: Security, feelings of belonging, protection, tenacity, financial security

Sample intentions:

"I want to easily find an abundance in my financial security"

"I want to easily find myself feeling a sense of belonging in social settings

"I want to easily find an inner drive to not give up on _______"

Emotional Closeness: Caring, empathy, vulnerability, intimacy

Sample intentions:

"I want to easily find myself asking for help in a way that feels empowering."

"I want to easily find myself honestly revealing my thoughts and feelings"

"I want all fears around intimacy totally lifted from me."

"I want to easily find myself empathetically caring & understanding others."

Nurturing: support, food, family relations, being taken care of, caring for others

Sample intentions:

“I want all self-destructive habits around food totally lifted from me.”

"I want to experience satisfaction & emotional nourishment in my relationships."

"I want to easily find myself accepting love & nurturing from others"

Restoring Health to: breasts, chest, pancreas, stomach, gas, ulcers, tumors

Sample intentions:

“I want a total healing to occur with _______”

“I want to easily attract the right information to help heal _____”

“I want to easily find myself taking action to restore health to my ______”

And may it be so.

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