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Full Moon Update: Scorpio

The Full Moon in Scorpio happens Sunday April 29th at 5:58 p.m. PST.

There's a rug I've had in my home office for years.I picked it up for a bargain at a yard sale years ago. I bought it because it served a purpose, it was the right size, the right price, but it's not something I love. In fact I tolerate it at best. Each morning I step into my office I'm met with it unsavory presence. The color and pattern clashing with everything else. When I tried to practice yoga my mat slid all over it. It became this loud, unsupportive thing that was bringing down the vibe in the room. Yet, I've had it for at least two years. It's like one of those guys I dated in my 20s whom I thought was a great fit because he added up on paper, but was glaringly obvious to all my friends that he wouldn't last.

This week I rolled up the rug and kicked it to the curb. In its place goes a much better rug, smaller, more neutral, functional, something I truly love. Something I chose without compromising. Now a vibrant yoga practice takes place which helps me to feel stronger and more empowered for my day. Writing is more inspired in a room that feels more spacious. The aesthetic is soothing rather than irritating me first thing in the morning.

Original artwork, "Align" Mystic Mamma

Have you ever held on to something for so long that it became glaringly obvious to everyone else it was time to let it go?

This Full Moon in Scorpio supports us in letting go. It tugs at us to take a good look around at where we have compromised our heart, our passions, our spirit in order to fit inside certain structures, whether the structure is a relationship, a job, a workout, anything where we feel lackluster rather than alive. It's an opportunity to purge belongings and our ego's idea of belonging and create space for expansion of our spirit. Who would you become if you didn't compromise your truth?

If the highest form of Scorpio energy is unconditional love, then this Full Moon poses the question- what has to die for me to experience this? What do I need to let go of in my life in order to feel the unconditional love that resides within?"

Word on the street about Full Moon in Libra:

Lena Stevens of The Power Path writes,

"This is an intense full moon with energy similar to an eclipse. It is an extremely important time to be mindful of your reactions and to take responsibility for them. If you are triggered in any way, you have an opportunity to look at those deep patterns that may be coming to the surface and work through them with focused and disciplined intention. Get help if you need it.

On the other side of this personal inner crisis energy is the support for expansion and the possibility of moving into something new and different.  This is also a good day for gratitude and honor as you celebrate all of your accomplishments up to this point in your life without being attached to how they have defined you.  Allow this full moon to support you in creating new intentions for redefining who you are."

Astrologer, Steven Shroyer of Seattle Astrology writes,

"The overall theme of this Lunar month is the opportunity to build momentum in our lives in order to energize new possibilities. An important aspect of this theme is realizing that what is truly possible is more than we are able to see on the surface of our circumstances. We have the opportunity now to move beyond old patterns of limitation, including the ways we experience failure or disappointment, in order to remain in the creative momentum of a larger expansion.....

.....In the current chart, Jupiter in Scorpio points to the courage we possess to venture beyond traditional thinking rooted in our collective past. Saturn in Capricorn is emphasizing that once the fear of change is overcome, you are able to hold the power necessary to play your role in our changing world. This new world holds the higher frequency of Uranus in Taurus, which is transforming the consciousness on our planet. One effect of Uranian transformation is the dismantling of obsolete power structures. This is just one of the reasons our daily news is filled with stories that expose the deep levels of corruption everywhere."

Astrologer, Tanaaz Chubb writes,

"Scorpio represents death, rebirth, and unconditional love. It also represents the stages of consciousness, or the peeling back of layers. At the core layer, Scorpio energy brings us the power of unconditional love, but on the surface layers, Scorpio can bring us ego and greed.....

....If the highest form of Scorpio energy is unconditional love, then this Full Moon poses the question- what has to die for me to experience this? What do I need to let go of in my life in order to feel the unconditional love that resides within?"

Full Moon Ritual:

  • Journal about what you are tolerating in your life. What areas need purging? You might even begin with that closet that is bursting with "stuff" and let it become a somatic exercise.

  • As you journal you'll notice the emotional charge rising up again. It's ok, you are supported, feel the emotions and let them release onto your journal.

  • Now sit back. Feel your spine connecting with the support behind you, whether it's the chair, the wall or the vibrant energy of your spirit guides.

  • Make the agreement with your body to be supported in this moment.

  • Feel the center of your being running through your spine. This is your internal seat of wisdom and power.

  • Now that you've connected to that seat, place your left hand (receiving hand) up to receive that shadow piece of you. Place your right hand on the journal entry.

  • Agree to welcome the shadow home to your seat of power, security and wisdom. Then agree to fully release the upset that lies in your journal entry.

  • "I fully release these pieces in my life which no longer serve me and I take my seat in the powerful position of being co-creator with Universe and Mother Earth"

  • Take it a step further and tear out the journal entry, burn it in your fireplace, bury it in the sand, send it afloat on an ocean wave. Anything you can think that fully releases it back to the Universe. Then sit back and witness the spaciousness within you for new energies to reside.

The healing work I do helps you to identify the shadow pieces, together we release the old patterns and connect you to your wise spirit. If you'd like more support with this, come see me!

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