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New Moon Update: Pisces

The New Moon in Pisces happens Saturday, March 17th at 5:12 a.m. PST. Pisces is a water sign, represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing the dualistic nature of swimming at the surface and diving deeper into subconscious realms. It's also the final sign of the zodiac, representing completion to the astrological year. Pisces arrives at the end of winter transitioning into spring, at the end of dark transitioning into light. The energy of Pisces bridges the gap between manifest and unmanifest.

image credit: Hengki Koentjoros

New Moon Guidance: Dive deep and release control.

The last few months we've been called to ground, connect with our receptive nature, co-create and trust. If you're feeling a bit at odds with the Universe lately, it means you're being called to dive deeper into the subconscious, that gorgeous theta state where our guides have the space to whisper to us and we can actually hear them. The theta state is the brain-wave activity which lies between the alpha (meditation) and the delta (sleep).

If you've ever drifted off at the end of yoga class, or a sound healing, massage or Reiki and you catch glimpses of messages, visions, but can't quite grasp them, this is the theta state. It's a deeply restorative state where we lie in limbo without struggle or control. Ahhh and there's the catch (no pun intended) to float in limbo without struggle or control. When was the last time you floated on your back in gentle warm waves where you allowed your head to drift slightly below the surface so your ears submerged and all you could hear was your heartbeat? The energy of that moment is calling to us now.

The Pisces New Moon calls us to change directions from fiery Leo and airy Aquarius to the watery, emotional, intuitive depths of Pisces. Pisces allows us to tap into the unmanifest, what wants to be born, and bring it to fruition, but first we have to get quiet and listen to that space just below the waves. In other words, power-down.

This is a great weekend to be in nature, go on retreat, get off-grid. Living in urban environments, we get caught up in the collective anxiety that we're not doing enough, that things have to move faster. That mindset is man-made and an illusion. It's not how the spirit-consciousness works. Take a walk in nature. That is reality, it's what has been and what will continue to be. Everything else is a man-made illusion of what is "should-be" rather than "what-is".

Pisces allows us to tap into the unmanifest, what wants to be born, and bring it to fruition, but first we have to get quiet and listen to that space just below the waves.

Word on the street about New Moon Pisces

Astrologer, Tanaaz Chubb

This Pisces New Moon is helping you to feel a sense of completion or wholeness with the direction of your life, and it will also be helping you to start thinking about the future......You don’t have to have an exact plan, but thinking about what seeds you want to plant, or what emotions you want to bring into your life is a good place to start.

Think about how you want to feel as you move through this next chapter of your life. Think about what emotions or energy you want to bring into you life, and focus on how you can create these in small ways every day.

Astrologer Patricia Liles

In a span of a few days we have the end of the zodiacal year with Pisces and the beginning of the solar shift of seasons at Equinox.  New Moon in Pisces invites us to take a deep breath and exhale everything that keeps us separate from our own connection to the dreamtime, the Wakan, the Great Mystery.  Here is the opening to take the deep dive into the Void – a deeper intelligence permeating all life.  Here we are called to surrender our burdens as we are held by the limitless ocean of consciousness.  We feel the compassion and acceptance of the Tao, and our own ability to forgive and accept ‘what is’ is strengthened so we may extend the same to others.  There is a time for being and a time for doing.  This is most definitely a time for being. 

Astrologer Divine Harmony

chiron first entered pisces in 2010 and was officially in pisces (without going back into aquarius) in 2011. this year is a threshold year for chiron as he enters aries for the first time in 50 years (since 1968) and actually goes back and forth between pisces and aries throughout the year. this crossing of chiron from 29 pisces to 0 aries- from the ultimate omega point of endings/death/dissolution to the ultimate alpha point of beginnings/birth/unification- is very, very potent. it heralds not just a shift of chiron into a new sign but in fact a shift of chiron and our collective consciousness into a new 50 year cycle.

Guide to Setting New Moon in Pisces Intentions

New moons are great astrological timings to help bring your intentions to full manifestation. I like writing 5-10 solid intentions based on what the current New Moon rules (see samples below). You may keep them in a journal, place them in a jar, I’ve even deposited mine into the hollow of my favorite tree. The key is to write them from your heart, then send them up freely to the Universe so you may be graced with their fruition in good time.

Remember, these intentions may not come to manifest overnight or even during the month. It’s important to release your hold on them and allow what is in your highest alignment to come through.

In her book, New Moon Astrology, Jan Spiller defines the theme for our intentions in this New Moon. Pisces rules:

Illusive States: Confusion, Fantasy, Sleep, Imagination, Chaos

Some Sample intentions:

"I want to easily find myself getting ____ hours of peaceful sleep every night."

"I want to easily release ideas of fantasy and be a co-creator with the Divine for things I want in my life."

"I want to open my imagination leading to new and positive changes in my life."

Joyful States: Internal happiness, Bliss, Universal love

Sample intentions:

"I want to feel spiritually fulfilled and happy."

"I want to easily embody joy."

"I want all resistance to experiencing bliss completely lifted from me."

"I want to expand into the field of universal peace and love."

Psychic Sensitivity: Emotional sensitivity, Awareness of subtle energies, Mystical states, Gentleness

Sample intentions:

"I want to easily find myself connected to my kind, loving nature."

"I want the clear mind of a mystic in viewing my life and circumstances."

“I want the quality of gentleness to become a stronger part of my character."

“I want to easily find myself connecting to spiritual forces around me."

Reliance on a higher power: Surrender, Trust, Spiritual Awareness, Channeling Spiritual power

Sample intentions:

"I want to easily surrender my stressors and worries to a Higher Power."

“I want to easily trust that a Higher Power is guiding & supporting me in my life."

"I want to easily attract and begin working with the right spiritual teacher for me."

"I want to easily find myself channeling healing thoughts and energy for my self-healing."

Spiritual Healing: Meditation, Yoga, Inner Peace, Angelic assistance,Stillness, Cleansing

Sample intentions:

"I want to easily find myself in a meditative state of mind during my daily life."

"I want to easily find the right yoga practice for my mind and body."

“I want to easily find enough quiet time to reflect and become more responsive in my daily life."

“I want to easily find myself connecting with my spirit guides and angels and trust our collaboration."

Restoring Health to: Colds, feet, lymphatic system, toxicity

Sample intentions:

“I want to easily find the right healer to help me with _______”

“I want a total healing to occur with _______”

“I want to easily attract the right information to help heal _____”

“I want to easily find myself taking action to restore health to my ______”

And may it be so.

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