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Sacred Site :  Marin County, CA



available April through October

Join me in Marin County for

personal 1:1 hiking & healing rituals to empower and restore your natural balance.

Elemental Journeys is a spiritually nourishing offering, which acts as an antidote for the disconnects of modern life.

We'll explore our innate tendencies to connect deeply

with the natural world

through walking, rituals, meditations, healing & journaling


We return to the beliefs of indigenous peoples 

that there is wisdom within

the trees, plants, mountains, rocks & animals.

Elemental Journeys holds open the door

where the physical & spiritual intersect, meeting

this intrinsic knowing that we are one.

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 the why

Elemental Journeys is for you if...

You're feeling depleted by the demands of daily life
You're at a crossroads and need clarity on major life decision
Your mind is stuck in a negative feedback loop

You want a deeper spiritual practice

You feel like you're spinning and unsupported

 the benefits

Gain insight & practices for a more balanced life

Connect with a wiser, more loving higher self​

Strengthen your mind, body & spirit

Strengthen your spiritual belief in a deeper sense of support.


Our itinerary

9am Opening Sacred Space- meet at trailhead for cleansing ceremony & set intentions

9:15am Walk & Talk- we'll embark on a moderate 2-mile hike to a ridgeline with expansive views while we mindfully discuss your intentions.

10am Grandmother Tree- meet an ancient loving oak where you'll be guided in meditation, meet your animal spirit and receive a powerful Reiki activation.

10:45am Ayni, Reciprocity- walk a stone labyrinth dedicated to this sacred land, give an offering & receive powerful guidance.

11am Closing Circle- completing our hike & journey, we close the circle  with a blessing to seal in the potency of our work together.

What's included

  • Shamanic Cleansing Ceremony 

  • 1:1 Soul coaching

  • Guided Hike 

  • Reiki Light Activation

  • Spirit Animal Ceremony

  • Guided Energy Healing Meditation

  • Powerful Energetic Upgrades from sacred land

  • Oracle Card Wisdom

Registration now open!

DATE: Available weekday mornings

TIME: 9am-11am

LOCATION: San Anselmo, CA (exact address provided upon registration.)

FEE: $295 for private 1:1 experience or

$185pp for private groups up to 5.


For 1:1 bookings click here

For group bookings please email Jennifer directly at:

What people have said...

"Thank you so much. I can't tell you how grateful I am and how helpful this was. You are such magic!"~B.M. , Hair Colorist


​"I did indeed have an incredible experience under Grandmother tree....  It was incredibly profound.  Afterwards I felt so light as we were walking back that it was almost as if I was floating."  ~K.T., Tech V.P.

 "Jennifer has an open dialog with the sacred stones, ancient trees, leaves, grasses, birds, father sky, mother earth, and shares her personal mandala for meditation.

 ...I came away with a peaceful knowing that no matter what is happening in life, there is always peace and clarity in nature." ~ M.W. Interior Designer

Meet Your Guide

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It is my deepest honor

Since 1999, I've accumulated wisdom from my trainings in yoga, meditation, massage therapy, Reiki, shamanism, energy medicine, somatic healing, psychic healing, animal communication and most importantly, my innate connection to Earth & Cosmos.

And since 2008, I've traveled to sacred sites around the world, from the vortices of the southwest, to the mystical Neolithic sites of the UK, trekking over towering Andean mountains that hold ancient Incan wisdom, bathing in purifying waters of Hawaiian Islands, to ancient temples of Turkey which hold divine feminine energies. Each site has provided me with powerful activations and wisdom which influence my teachings, healings and personal practice.

These retreats offer a tapestry of experiences, soul activations and a transference of ancient wisdom for you to embody and utilize as a powerful change agent in your life.

I am committed to ensuring a safe, supportive container by teaming up with trusted guides, lodging, transport, etc so that you feel secure in deepening into these experiences and  allow your soul to flourish.

It is my deepest honor to be a guide on your journey!

XOXO Jennifer

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