Healing is not a curing of symptoms, but rather the integration of a more whole self. 
Healing is a discovery of imbalance, an exploration of root causes & a navigation of how to show up differently in the world.
​Healing is an expansion of life force, free from old patterns, living life at a higher vibe.
Healing is the journey we take hand in hand with spirit. ~ Jennifer Brinn

Reiki for Practitioners Masterclass

This is a Reiki Level 3 training for students who are either certified in Reiki Level 2 or have completed The 11 Path Reiki Wisdom School.


A 3-Phase Training of Activation, Knowledge & Practice.

This masterclass offers a deep dive into being a confident Reiki practitioner.

This training is meant to fully support you whether you decide to step into professional Reiki practice or volunteer your healing hands. It's about a mastery of connecting, understanding and practicing how Divine Light wants to be expressed through you.

Activation: You'll receive the highest Master Level Usui System Reiki Attunement & initiation in the Reiki Master Symbol to align you with the highest vibration of Reiki.


Knowledge: You'll receive the tools, knowledge & mentoring to deepen into this sacred healing modality at the more advanced level.

Practice: You'll receive plenty of practice time to comfortably walk your Reiki path.

Who is this masterclass for?

Lightworkers interested in deepening their practice, understanding their calling & strengthening their light will greatly benefit from this training.



Upon completion of this program, you'll receive a certificate of completion for Reiki Level 3 and be eligible to apply for the Reiki Teacher Training & Apprenticeship (details coming soon!).

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"Jennifer's Reiki class is life altering.  It is one of the best experiences I have had in a long time.  I was looking forward to class each time and didn't want to leave when it was over.  I now have a consistent self-practice of reiki, and it has really helped calm my nervous system and supported my sleep.  Anyone who wants to practice reiki for a living will also be well served by taking this class." ~Nina G. Human Resources Professional

What you'll receive in Reiki for Practitioners Masterclass

Phase 1: Activation offers restorative space filled with meditation & self-practice to help you undergo & integrate the powerful Reiki Attunements

  • Reiki attunement for the Master level

  • Initiation of the Reiki Master Symbol & review of all the sacred Reiki symbols

  • Understanding your healing gifts

Phase 2: Sacred Knowledge reignites the sacred knowledge within you, giving you all the knowledge & tools of how to be with and work with others.

  • Sensing & Diagnostics of imbalanced energy

  • Treating specialized conditions

  • Creating Your lightworker toolkit

  • Energetic anatomy

  • Ethics of being a lightworker

  • Working with others personally & professionally, intake, sessions, etc

  • Understanding trauma at the energetic level

Phase 3: Practice helps you strengthen your energy field & gain confidence in being a lightworker in the world.

  • Practice & role playing

  • Using Reiki Symbols in practice

  • Assessment & treatment

  • Body mechanics

  • Holding supportive space

  • Giving Reiki Light Activations (note, these are not attunements, but a tool to increase the energy of your Reiki practice)


  • Must be certified in Reiki Level 2 or have completed the 11 Path Reiki Wisdom School

  • To receive your certificate of completion you must complete & log at least 6 practice shares either facilitated by Jennifer or with another teacher.


In addition to deepening your relationship with Reiki, you will receive a professional Reiki Level 3: Master Practitioner Certificate which allows you to do any of the following:

  • Confidently start a professional Reiki practice

  • Begin your own Reiki clinic

  • Mentor other Reiki practitioners

  • Eligible to become a Certified Reiki Master Teacher

  • Work as a professional practitioner in a clinical setting

  • Host your own Reiki event

  • Deepen your relationship with Reiki & your personal healing

DATES: Friday Jan. 7, 2022-Sunday Jan. 9, 2022

Friday 5pm-8pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 10am-6pm

WHERE: VIBE Reiki Healing & Meditation Center
300 Valley Street, Suite #202, Sausalito, CA

COST: $675 Early Bird Pricing before December 24, 2021
$875 after December 24, 2021

Enrollment open to 10 in-person students (8 spots left!)
Registration closes on Jan. 3, 2022


Cancellation Policy

Class fee is non-refundable, unless there is proven emergency or illness with doctor's note. However a 50% credit towards the next training or healing sessions will be available if you cancel at least 48hrs before your class date.


Make-up policy

This training will be full of live, interactive participation & breakout exercises. Therefore your active participation is integral for the group.

Make up classes may be granted on a space-available basis at the next training and with an additional fee of $150/per class. You will only receive your certification upon full completion of the training.