Healing is not a curing of symptoms, but rather the integration of a more whole self. 
Healing is a discovery of imbalance, an exploration of root causes & a navigation of how to show up differently in the world.
​Healing is an expansion of life force, free from old patterns, living life at a higher vibe.
Healing is the journey we take hand in hand with spirit. ~ Jennifer Brinn

The VIBE Reiki Certification

A Reiki certification focused on your journey of personal healing so you may feel prepared to also share with others.


Through self-discovery, intuitive development, setting sacred space and even exploring astrology we enter into a higher state of being.


Paired with the instruction, attunement (energetic upgrades) & full certification in practicing the energy healing modality of Reiki, this class sets you forth in a path of real transformation!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a high-frequency energy divinely channeled through the practitioner into whomever we lay hands on to bring them into a state of calm & balance.

All classes include instruction, a Reiki manual, practice time & a certificate of completion.

Reiki 1              Reiki 2            Reiki 3/Lightworker Mastery      

"I had an amazing experience at the VIBE Reiki Training, Level 1 and 2.


Jennifer is very knowledgeable and teaches in a very understandable, lovely way. There was a good blend of fundamental learning, self reflection, and practice.


I would highly recommend to anyone that is considering a Reiki practice or as a way of continued learning in this space." ~ Natalie C.


A beginner's class exploring & healing the body's energetic system giving you the knowledge of how to heal yourself and others from the inside-out.

You'll be introduced to the fundamentals of the energy healing and the sacred practice of Reiki. 

What you'll receive in Level 1:

  • how to identify & release emotional patterns

  • guided meditation to find your centerpoint

  • energy anatomy & chakra healing

  • history of Reiki

  • what, why & how of Reiki

  • self-healing techniques

  • grounding & clearing techniques

  • how to set sacred space

  • identifying your intuitive gifts

  • Reiki Level 1 Energetic Attunement*
    *opening your energy field to the flow of Reiki

  • how to give a Reiki session

  • self-practice time 

  • practice time on others

  • Reiki Level 1 Certificate

Due to COVID-19, all Reiki classes are being put on pause until we can find a workable solution. 


COST: TBD (includes class manual,  private instruction & certificate of completion)

WHERE: VIBE: Reiki & Meditation Center, 300 Valley St., Suite 202, Sausalito

Email Jennifer to book your class:

please see Cancellation Policy at bottom of page 


An intermediate class exploring you as Spirit, deepening your intuition & initiating you to the 3 Sacred Symbols of Reiki which amplify your Reiki practice and allow you to practice Distance Healing where we can bend time & space sending healing through other dimensions!


What you'll receive in Level 2:

  • techniques to connect with your Spirit Guides

  • guided meditation to find your center

  • review of energetic anatomy

  • identify your astrological makeup & karmic patterns

  • instruction on doing your own tarot card reading

  • instruction on  increasing energy of yourself & environments

  • setting healthy energetic boundaries

  • how to build a Reiki crystal grid

  • initiation to the 3 Sacred Reiki Symbols

  • Reiki Level 2 Energetic Attunement

  • instruction on Distance Healing

  • practice giving a Distance Healing session

  • self-practice time

  • Reiki Level 2 Certificate

Due to COVID-19, all Reiki classes are being put on pause until we can find a workable solution. 

COST:TBD (includes private instruction, class manual, Reiki grid , Osho Zen Tarot deck, certificate of completion)

WHERE: VIBE: Reiki & Meditation Center, 300 Valley St, Suite 202, Sausalito


Email Jennifer to book your class:

please see Cancellation Policy at bottom of page 


2020 sparks a new decade and a great new paradigm shift. Those who have been activated are being called to show up and continue to evolve along their lightworker path!

This Reiki Level 3 training offers a deep dive into the mastery of being a confident Reiki practitioner and more importantly for being expressions of Divine light in the world. This training is meant to fully support you whether you decide to step into professional Reiki practice or continue in your current field of work. It's about a mastery of connecting, understanding and practicing how Divine Light wants to be expressed through you.

During this 6-month program you'll receive booster Reiki Light Activations (attunements), the highest Usui System Reiki Light Activation & initiation of  the Reiki Master Symbol paired with tools, knowledge, mentoring and practice to comfortably tune in and walk the path of your Divine Blueprint.

A 3-Phase Training of Activation, Knowledge & Practice.

Lightworkers interested in deepening their practice, understanding their calling & strengthening their light will greatly benefit from this training.


After completion of this program, you'll be eligible to apply for the Reiki Master-Teacher Apprenticeship & Certification (Fall 2020) 


What you'll receive in Reiki Level 3:Lightworker Mastery Training

Phase 1: Activation

Modules 1 & 2 offer restorative daylong retreats filled with meditation, yoga nidra, self-practice to help you undergo, process and integrate the Reiki light activations.

  • Booster Reiki light activations (attunements) of Level 2

  • Reiki light activation (attunement) for the Master level

  • Initiation of all the sacred Reiki Master symbols. 

  • Understanding yourself as a lightworker, defining your soul's blueprint.

  • Understanding yourself as an energy being, your system, your field, self-care & practices (nutrition, movement, crystals, energy work to support your evolution).

  • Field trip of being in nature and understanding the the natural world as a healing tool

Phase 2: Sacred Knowledge

Modules 3 & 4 reignite the sacred knowledge within you, giving you all the knowledge & tools of how to be with and work with others.

  • Sensing & Diagnostics of imbalanced energy

  • Treating specialized conditions

  • Basic understanding of astrology and soul blueprints

  • Understanding symbology as Divine Code

  • Creating Your lightworker toolkit

  • Energetic anatomy

  • Ethics of being a lightworker

  • Understanding your internal blocks

  • Creating healthy energy boundaries-what's yours & what's not

  • Understanding & working with the Unified field

  • Working with others personally & professionally, intake, sessions, etc

  • Understanding Ancestral lines and the codes they keep

  • optional Field trip TBA

Phase 3: Practice

Modules 5 & 6 help you strengthen your energy field & gain confidence in being a lightworker in the world and walking the path of your Divine Blueprint.

  • Practice & role playing

  • Using Divine Code in practice

  • Training in clinical setting

  • Assessment & treatment

  • Body mechanics

  • Up-level your perception & intuitive gifts

  • Holding supportive space

  • Professional development in your respective field of work

  • optional Field Trip TBA

Time Investment 108hrs+ (approx. 18 hrs/month)

6 monthly meetings of 7hrs each which include instruction, Practice, Support & Supervision 

24 hours of logged 1:1 hands-on treatment in mock client sessions outside of training 

*these can be completed with friends, family , classmate or in the volunteer Reiki Clinic 

24 hours of logged distance healing in mock client sessions outside of training     

*these can be completed with friends, family, classmate or in the volunteer Reiki Clinic

4 hours of logged volunteer time in the Lotus Heart Reiki Clinic or other approved opportunity

2 hours of at least one Community Reiki Circle during program

20 minutes+ of daily self care treatment throughout training

2 optional observation sessions where students shadow a Reiki Master in client sessions

2-3 optional class field trips TBA


In addition to deepening your relationship with Reiki, you will receive a professional Reiki Level 3: Master Practitioner Certificate which allows you to do any of the following:

  • Confidently start a professional Reiki practice

  • Begin your own Reiki clinic

  • Mentor other Reiki practitioners

  • Eligible to become a Certified Reiki Master Teacher

  • Work as a professional practitioner in a clinical setting

  • Host your own Reiki event

  • Deepen your relationship with Reiki & your personal healing

Registration is now closed for the 2020 Mastery Training.


Cancellation Policy for Level 1, Level 2:

Class fee is non-refundable, unless there is emergency or illness. However a 50% credit towards the next training or healing sessions will be available if you cancel at least 48hrs before your class date.


Make-up policy (group classes only)

If you miss a portion of the training, make up classes may be granted on a space-available basis at the next training and with an additional fee of $150/per class. You will only receive your certification upon full completion of the training.

Cancellation Policy for Level 3:

Deposits & tuition fees are non-refundable, no exceptions. However a 25% credit of your paid tuition towards the next training will be available if you cancel at least 14 days before the first class date. 

Make-up policy (group classes only)

You will be granted 1 free make-up class on a space-available basis at the next training.

Any additional make-up classes will be an additional fee of $150 per class needed.

You will only receive your certification upon full completion of the training.


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