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Can We Absorb Someone's Bad Juju?

Whenever I'm at a cocktail party, there comes a time in conversations when people ask, "So what do you do for a living?"

After telling them I'm an energy healer, I watch as the husbands politely saunter away towards the charcuterie and the wives lean in closer with intrigue. Those two words, energy and healer are loaded with possible questions and I've fielded them all. The most common is," Aren't you exhausted at the end of the day from taking on everyone's energy?"

It's a very common question and it's understandable. What happens to a person's energy that gets released during an energy healing session? Where does it go? Does the healer absorb it? Is there an invisible "bad juju drainpipe" in the center of the room? We don't really know for sure what's happening with energy. We can't see it, we can only intuit what is happening, right? So here's my long answer.

The Yuck

We all have what I very affectionately call "yuck" mucking up our energy at different times. We walk around with this "yuck" in our energy fields which often dims our energetic vibration. We label people as having "dark" or "negative" energy, but really we're all just walking around with different energetic vibrations ranging from really low, because there's more "yuck" in their field to really high, not a lot of "yuck" in their field. Make sense?

So most of us who are lightworkers have released a lot of that "yuck" and move through life with a higher vibration. So when we encounter "yuck" in someone else's field, boy do we feel it! We feel their emotions, their vibration, etc. This feeling is called clairsentience, it's one of our innate intuitive gifts. It helps us feel our way around in the world. It's probably why we could find our way out of a pitch-black room faster than anyone else!

Now, when we have someone with their "yuck" lie on our healing table it tends to be palpable. For example, I experience someone's anger as a steely, cold pain coursing through my body. My mind begins racing as I experience someone's anxiety. Sometimes I'll even shed tears when experiencing someone's sadness. This is being empathic, clairsentient. The important piece here is to not take it on and remember that none of it is mine.

The Witness

In every session, it's important to ground myself, to open my crown to the Reiki energy and to sit back in my center. So even though we might be feeling things in other people, we're not taking them on, we're just bearing witness to them. We're not accepting any of it into our own body and saying "this is mine", we're simply saying that's theirs and allow the Reiki to do its work. As the Reiki continues these sensations often dissipate. This witness state is also quite helpful in our daily lives being out in the world. For example, when I walk into a grocery store, I immediately feel everyone in there. I pause, feel my feet on the floor, connect to my center, remind myself that none of it is mine, then continue with my shopping. As empaths we have to recalibrate this way, but this is an important skillset for everyone, whether or not you're an energy healer.

After every session, I say a silent blessing for the person, I call on white-light to shine down around me to clear away anything in my field that doesn't belong and send it into Mother Earth to be transmuted. When we are empathic and feeling other energies more palpably in our lives, it's important for us to practice more self-care in the form of being in nature, meditation, baths in epsom or himalayan sea salts, receiving Reiki, etc. 

The good news is that we're all Divine in our core. As lightworkers, we've tapped into the Divine and invite Divine energy to pour through us. We're not curing anyone or taking away their "yuck". We're simply helping others connect back to their own pure state of being which is their divinity. 

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