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Summer Solstice Guidance

The Summer Solstice happens Thursday, June 21st at 3:07 a.m. PST.

Sitting on the hill in the vision circle yesterday morning I meditated on the energy of summer solstice. Today marks the day of the longest hours of sunlight in the calendar year. It’s essentially the brightest day of the year. As a lover of light, it happens to be my favorite day!

So I sat with oracle cards in hand, crystals embedded in the earth, a stone circle surrounding me acting as guardian for this sacred space. Before me, the mountain they call Tamalpais. In Peru the Quechua call the mountains Apus, great spirits who are the wisdom keepers.

Summer Solstice Guidance:

Build and strengthen your natural pillar of Light

Sitting in half lotus, my lower body softened into Mother Earth while my upper body reached, heart-first, towards the sky, an allowance for the third chakra as the solar-plexus (sun-energy) to open and shine. I asked the question from both power sources, cosmos & Earth, “How do I co-create with you to bring my goals and intentions into fruition?”

The answer was not heard, it came as a deep energetic transmission through my core. The entire body being activated as a brilliant conduit for these energies to manifest into the world. It helped me return to the wisdom of being deeply connected to center. That this state of being in center, “being centered” is essential for what we aim to accomplish on this planet.

After sitting with the powerful transmission of energy. I pulled this card. The Pillar of Light from the Isis Oracle Deck:

“This Oracle suggests that you must first build and strengthen your natural pillar of Light within the energy body which you already possess. In essence, it's like building a cable so that you can receive transmissions into your very being in an easier way. Without such preparation, it would be like receiving an overload of data that the body cannot handle all at one time.

The pillar of Light is a tube of pure energy that connects the Soul start chakra located above your head and the Earth start chakra beneath your feet. The Star of Isis will follow this tube, descending from above into your Soul star chakra, pouring grace, light, and heading power all the way through to the Earth start chakra in your feet, blessing this descent through your body.”

Being centered is not just about clearing the mind or trying to be calm. It is an energetic linking us to a state of deeper consciousness. Once we arrive at this place in our energy body, we pull our mental focus back from the forefront of our body and it helps our brain communicate with our nervous system to then clear the mind, be present and calm.

But until we pull this focus back from the chaos of the external world, we will not be able to access our deeper, more intuitive, inner world, our center.

The guidance this Summer Solstice is to find this center, open your channel which links you with two enormous power sources offering more grounding, support, nourishment and love than any person could ever give you and more than you could ever possibly hold!

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