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Full Moon Update: Virgo

The Full Moon in Virgo happens Thursday March 1st at 4:51 p.m. PST. During the portal opening from the last full moon and lunar eclipse we felt a renewed sense of faith, resilience and hope. We gained a knowing deep within us that we are aligning with the co-creative energy of the Universe and Mother Earth. We are conduits for these two powerful energies to run through us and into this physical plane. And we can only co-create if we also sit in the seat of our own power.

Taking your seat of power

This full moon in Virgo invites us to release all the antiquated ideas we keep about being disempowered. It's a potent time for sacred feminine energy to rise up within all of us, woman or man. Our sacred feminine exists in our second chakra center, the low belly. Its element is water representing fluidity. It also fuels our clairsentience, that 'gut feeling' and inner knowing. When we tune into an inner knowing, we are better able to trust. When we trust we feel more grounded and secure and vice-versa. The connection of earth (Virgo) and water (Pisces) helps us as human beings to be more fluid, secure and open in our co-creative superpowers.

Harness the energy

This full moon is supporting you to harness the energy available to you now and bring your dreams into fruition. And as with every full moon it's a time to release any 'yuck' bogging down our system. The idea is to take our seat in our own power in order to move our dreams forward. So be sure to also pay attention at any disturbances in your energy field, self-defeating thoughts and patterns keeping you from taking your seat of power.

If you feel like things are moving right along, you're most likely in the "flow", that line of energy from Universe to Earth. If you feel like you are efforting then you might need to spend more time in nature, create more time for solitude and self-care to get back into the flow. Remember, this is the year of the Earth Dog calling us to be in integrity with a higher plane of existence and methodically co-creating.

This full moon in Virgo invites us to release all the antiquated ideas we keep about being disempowered. It's a potent time for sacred feminine energy to rise up within all of us, woman or man.

Word on the street about Full Moon in Virgo:

Lena Stevens of The Power Path writes,

"This full moon sets the tone for the month promising creativity, inspiration, movement, new ideas and emotional healing as long as there is a willingness to be flexible, adaptable and teachable. We’ve gotten a bit used to feeling grumpy and expecting others to be grumpy too. This pattern can change with a focus to improve attitudes and expectations. How do you want your month to be? What seems to be in the way of you simply enjoying life? You will find that it is usually your own attitudes that get you into trouble.

So spend some time this full moon in gratitude for life as well as telling the truth about what needs refinement right about now."

Astrologer, Pat Liles writes,

"Call on your Virgo Queen to bring all your disparate parts into working order, to reorganize your health and diet habits as well as your work, day-to-day routines, the clutter that keeps you from being efficient and orderly and on your game.  So what if Virgo is a bit overly fastidious, detailed and just can’t help setting the bar high, use it at this Moon to regroup and get organized.  You will feel so good about your accomplishments in the material plane."

Astrologer, Tanaaz Chubb writes,

"The March 1st-2nd Full Moon falls in the earth sign of Virgo and occurs at 11 degrees. 11 is considered a master number in numerology and represents awakenings, higher consciousness, and the opening of portals into higher realms and dimensions. Full Moon’s are usually release points, but under this Full Moon we are going to feel extremely guided. It is almost like the radiating energy of this Moon is going to pull or shift us in the direction we need to be heading....Falling in the practical earth sign of Virgo, this Full Moon is going to help us make decisions in our lives from a place of practicality. It is likely that wherever we are guided will naturally feel like the right move, and we will be able to find our confidence to forge ahead."

Full Moon Ritual:

  • Journal about a moment where you felt disempowered, where you lost your power or someone took your power away from you.

  • As you journal you'll notice the emotional charge rising up again. It's ok, you are supported, feel the emotions and let them release onto your journal.

  • Now sit back. Feel your spine connecting with the support behind you, whether it's the chair, the wall or the vibrant energy of your spirit guides.

  • Make the agreement with your body to be supported in this moment.

  • Feel the center of your being running through your spine. This is your internal seat of wisdom and power.

  • Now that you've connected to that seat, place your left hand (receiving hand) up to receive that shadow piece of you. Place your right hand on the journal entry.

  • Agree to welcome the shadow home to your seat of power, security and wisdom. Then agree to fully release the upset that lies in your journal entry.

  • "I fully release old patterns which no longer serve me and I take my seat in the powerful position of being co-creator with Universe and Mother Earth"

  • Take it a step further and tear out the journal entry, burn it in your fireplace, bury it in the sand, send it afloat on an ocean wave. Anything you can think that fully releases it back to the Universe. Then sit back and witness the spaciousness within you for new energies to reside.

The healing work I do helps you to identify the shadow pieces, together we release the old patterns and connect you to your wise spirit. If you'd like more support with this, come see me!

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