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New Moon Update: Capricorn

This New Moon in Capricorn happens January 16, 2018 at 9:18 p.m. PST. It is a time to lay the groundwork for steady growth. This year will bring expansion in its own way, but different than the fiery 2017. The energy this month is slow, methodical. The Universe is giving us time to recover from the shenanigans of late 2017 that have left us a bit wobbly. Yet, the guidance is make rest a priority in the coming weeks so you may regroup and move forward.

It reminds me of when I was trekking over the 15,000 foot Salkantay mountain pass in Peru. 5.5 hours into the day's hike, the altitude was making my head blow up, I was out of breath with each step, but I kept thinking "there is only one way out of this and it’s forward!" So step, by achingly, methodical step, I reached my goal of getting up and over that dadgum mountain pass to slowly descend another 3 hours into a warm sleeping bag with a hot cup of coca tea.

Tidy-up, Evaluate, Action!

The month of January is a great time, in general, to look around you, evaluate, tidy-up, get clear and take action. At the arrival of the new year I spend a few days doing this. I work from the outside-in. Meaning I evaluate our home, what needs repair, what needs a boost, rooms need a new coat of paint, redecorating my home office, organizing the laundry room, etc. Then I continue to go more internal until I get to the nucleus of what I really want. The process allows me to create an external sanctuary, so I can better adjust my internal sanctuary. The quieter we get, the more we can tune into what we really want, rather than what we think we should want.

New moons are great astrological timings to help bring your intentions to full manifestation. I like writing 5-10 solid intentions based on what the current New Moon rules (see samples below). You may keep them in a journal, place them in a jar, I’ve even deposited mine into the hollow of my favorite tree. The key is to write them from your heart, then send them up freely to the Universe so you may be graced with their fruition in good time. Remember, these intentions may not come to manifest overnight or even during the month. It’s important to release your hold on them and allow what is in your highest alignment to come through.

Whatever you are serious about getting serious about, this new moon is your ticket to commit. ~Chani Nicholas

Word on the street about this New Moon in Capricorn:

Shamanic practitioner, Lena Stevens of The Power Path writes,

"We are in a time where the structures and concrete habits that have run our lives are being questioned (or should be) and we are being prompted to look ahead to the kind of life we wish to create. If change is necessary, plant those seeds now with this powerful New Moon and then work with focus and discipline as your plans unfold and the seeds begin to grow."

Seattle astrologer, Steven Shroyer writes,

"The highest use of Capricorn energy is for the mobilization of power for the collective good... implies this highest expression of Capricorn, which is the wise use of power for the benefit of all....This is not just personal power but at the highest levels of power structures throughout our world."

Astrologer, Chani Nicholas writes,

"Capricorn is an earth sign, but it deals more effectively with hardships than it does with high hopes. It would rather do the impossible than hang out with the convenient. Capricorn, and especially Saturn in Capricorn, teach us to align our actions with our commitments no matter if we feel like doing so. Whatever you are serious about getting serious about, this new moon is your ticket to commit."

Finally, Astrologer, Tanaaz Chubb

"Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign which means that it holds the energy of leadership, hard work, determination and groundedness.

Capricorn is represented by the mountain goat, and if you have ever seen a mountain goat, you would know that it is able to use its nimble feet to climb higher and perch itself in places that most other animals would not be able to get to. This is a good way to describe the hardworking energy of Capricorn, and with so many planets, plus the Sun and Moon aligning in this constellation, we are all going to be able to make a leap of progress as we climb our own mountains.

Capricorn is a very practical sign, so this is not necessarily about making bold, shocking moves in our lives (unless we feel called to do so), rather it is about making small yet effective shifts to get us closer to where we want to be."

A Guide to your New Moon in Capricorn Intentions:

In her book, New Moon Astrology, Jan Spiller defines the theme for our intentions in this New Moon. Capricorn rules:

Future Security: Time, Maturity, Retireme

Sample intentions:

“I want to easily find myself approaching the situation of_______ in a mature, thoughtful way that is in my highest alignment.”

“I want to easily find myself having ample time for the things important to me.”

“I want to easily find myself using time to my best advantage.”

“I want to easily find myself making smart decisions about investing for retirement.”

Handling Responsibility: Self-discipline, Keeping commitments, Public image

Sample intentions:

“I want to easily find myself feeling totally competent in what is being called of me.”

“I want to easily find myself keeping and fulfilling my commitments with a positive attitude.”

“I want to easily find myself behaving in ways for a positive public image that is most aligned with who I am.”

“I want to easily find myself filled with ample confidence and self-discipline to fulfill my goals.”

Reaching Goals: Ambition, Defining goals, Hard work, Using opportunities

Sample intentions:

“I want total clarity in setting goals that are most aligned with me.”

“I want the energy and determination to complete my goal of ________”

“I want to easily find myself trusting and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise.”

“I want to easily find myself embracing the hard work that comes with success.”

Releasing Control: Sterness, Inflexibility, Pessimism

Sample intentions:

“I want to easily find myself loosening my grip of how I think things should be.”

“I want to easily find myself trusting the process of _____”

“I want to easily find myself seeing life in a way that brings me joy.”

“I want to welcome the possibility that a new approach will make my goals easier to reach.”

Restoring Health to: Bones & Joints, Arthritis, Gall bladders, Knees, Skin conditions & itching

Sample intentions:

“I want to easily find the right healer to help me with _______”

“I want a total healing to occur with _______”

“I want to easily attract the right information to help heal _____”

“I want to easily find myself taking action to restore health to my ______”

And may it be so!

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