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 for healer-preneurs

specializing in stylish web design for healers


How I can help...

Before I became a healer, I worked as a writer/editor in tech. For over a decade I've drawn upon my superpowers in writing, design & marketing to give me a leading edge in a saturated wellness industry.

Since then friends have asked me for my marketing advice and help in designing their own websites which now leads me to working with

healer-preneurs just like you!

Great design is essential for your client's first impression. Here's why...

Whether you're a massage therapist, energy healer, nutritionist or even an astrologer, your client is coming to you to find a sense of balance. 

In order for them to feel balanced they have to feel safe & comfortable with you.

At least 90% of your clientele will find you through an online search. 

One of the best ways to convey that you're the one to trust is through your online presence.

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The Process

step 1. define

We'll  begin your design process with a questionnaire to help define your aesthetic, message, ideal client, goals & vision. I'll help you create a Pinterest board to gather ideas. This will allow me to supply you with a Mood Board so we know we're aligned before building your site and/or logo.

step 2. design

Now that we've gathered all the above information, the design begins!

You'll be able to view mock-ups & live previews of the design throughout the process, and we'll work together on necessary edits to make sure you're happy with the final product.

step 3. go live

Once revisions have been made and you approve the final design, a mobile-version will be refined and prepared so your clients see great design even on their smartphone. We'll ensure your domain name is connected to your site before we launch and go live.


You'll be given full access to your site to make any future edits or I'm happy to offer ongoing edits for an additional fee.

Design Process


“Jennifer is a gifted writer and editor with excellent communication skills and a "get it done" attitude...she knows a variety of creative methods to ensure information is translated in an effective manner. If you want to improve your content writing and communicate more effectively, hire Jennifer.” ~Jason M.


—  Name, Title

FAQs & Pricing

Which web editor do you use to build my site?

I work in the Wix web editor. I'll guide you in creating an account and setting your domain name. If you have an existing website in Wix, then I'm happy to give it a makeover. If you have a site built in any other editor then we'll need to begin from scratch.

How long will it take to design my site?

A first draft of your site is typically ready within 2 weeks of your start date. I generally budget up to a total of 6-8 weeks for launch of the final design.

Note, project completion depends on your own responsiveness – clear, concise communication & being available to provide feedback (via email) will make the process much quicker.  

How will we communicate?

To keep my pricing reasonable,  all communication is handled via email M-F. Phone calls are time consuming and too challenging to handle when we're working in various time zones. Your emails will be answered within 24 hours if not sooner.

Can you just do a few edits of my existing site?

The short answer is no. My website design package is for full site design. Often when we go in and make edits to an existing site, we realize all the other edits that need to be done, so it's best to begin with either a blank canvas or do a complete makeover.

Do you design blogs?

No, I only design websites and logos at the moment.

Do you write the copy for my site?

For an additional fee of $85/hr I can provide a la carte to full copy for your website. I'm a writer/editor to my bones! I majored in Creative Writing, was a writer/editor in the tech world plus I've completed Marie Forleo's Copy Cure online course which has taught me how to write web copy that engages your clients & sells!

Does your web design package include SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? 

I will complete the basic SEO templates offered in the Wix editor for each of your web pages. This includes titles, descriptions and images. I do not set up your metatags or offer advanced SEO.

What happens when my site is complete?

My goal is to design a solid website using the Wix editor that you'll be able to maintain on your own (i.e. update text & images, etc.).


Once your final design is delivered our work together is done. You'll have full access to your online editor. All of your graphics will be stored in your Wix editor and you'll have their contact information should you encounter any technical difficulties. I do not offer technical support, but I'll be happy to point you in the direction of Wix online tutorials for any questions you have about maintaining your site after the final design is complete. 

Do you offer ongoing maintenance? 

Yes, I offer ongoing maintenance (i.e. updates, additions, changes)  for your site for an additional fee of $65/hr. Many clients prefer this to help maintain the integrity of their site.




(paid in 2 installments)

What you'll receive:

  • creative direction tailored to the healer-preneur

  • custom home page

  • custom site header

  • custom favicon

  • custom navigation bar & dropdown menu

  • up to 5 designed pages

  • mobile responsive design

  • matching social media icons

  • your professional Instagram feed (if applicable)

  • custom footer with contact info

  • gallery installation (if applicable)

  • custom email opt-in box

  • contact page with contact form & map (if applicable)

  • domain name connection via Wix (domain name must be purchased separately)



(For your web site only. I do not offer blog posts or social media copy)




The Fine Print

(terms & conditions)

*The web design package is meant as a basic & affordable alternative to custom website design that can run into the thousands (the average current price for a custom-built website is between $4k and $10k). Therefore, please understand that I may not be able to offer some advanced functionality so please inquire before ordering if you have something specific that you would like.


A good, basic website consists of up to 5 pages (additional pages or galleries will be billed at $50 each).

Most healer-preneurs have a need for online booking, gift cards, events calendar & email signup. This can all be set up as part of your package with the Wix apps included in your subscription plan. Any additional apps outside of hosting will be an additional charge from your web hosting package.

Sole Web Designer

During the time that I'm creating your website, it is imperative that I am the sole designer for this project to uphold the integrity of the site. Therefore I ask that you or anyone else not make updates, changes or edits of any kind until the project is complete. Otherwise my a la carte Web Maintenance & Edits fee may be applied.

Mobile Responsive Design

Your site design will be mobile-friendly.  Please keep in mind that a mobile theme is NOT your full website design, it is simplified for mobile devices.  Please understand that for your website to appear mobile-friendly to Google some of your custom design elements may not be visible on the mobile version only.  

Email Setup

If you want custom email you'll need to set up your email with your domain registrar or hosting provider. I do not set up email and I will not log into your gmail account for privacy reasons.

Contact Forms

I'll install at least one contact form on your site with your desired email address. However, it is your responsibility to periodically test your form, I am not responsible for changes in email settings or other lapses in server communication. I am not responsible for loss of profit or traffic due to contact form issues.

Browser Compatibility

I do not guarantee that your site will render the same on all browsers. I design primarily for Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox and recommend that you use the latest version of one of these browsers for optimal viewing.

Site Security

I am not responsible if your website or blog is hacked or otherwise compromised. While I will have access to your site as I am working on it, I will never share your site login with anyone. It is recommended that once your site is complete that you change your login. Overall site security is the responsibility of your site host. 

Technical Support

Please keep the contact information of your site host if you experience any technical disruptions to your site.  Technical disruptions are the responsibility of your site host.  My goal is to provide a good, solid web site that you'll be able to update on your own. I'll also point you in the direction of online tutorials via Wix to help give you working knowledge of you site.

I do provide a la carte Web Maintenance & Edits for an additional fee of $65/HR

Existing Site Transfer

My Web Design package is for a full design of your website. If you have an existing site on another web host other than Wix, I will not be able to transfer or copy that site to the Wix editor. If you have an existing website hosted by Wix, then you are hiring me for a complete design "makeover" of your current site.

Domain Name

You are responsible for purchasing your domain name. If you do not yet have a domain name for your site you can purchase one through Wix. If you have a domain name that you wish to transfer, I can begin the process through the Wix editor, but you are responsible for any communication or connection errors with your domain host. Note it typically takes up to 72 hours to connect and/or transfer a domain name. It is best to do this before your site is live.

Wix Web Hosting  Subscription Plan

Upon our agreement in working together, you will be required to purchase a subscription plan from Wix. This is an additional cost not included in my design package.


Web design revisions include up to 4 revisions, anything beyond that will incur a charge of $65/HR. Please note that when we begin our work together I ensure that we're on the same page when it comes to your aesthetic, vision & goals. My focus is to gain the clarity we need prior to beginning the actual site design so we minimize excessive revisions.


Once we agree to work together, I'll provide a timeline for your site creation and I'll send an invoice for 50% non-refundable deposit. The remaining balance will be due at completion and before delivery.

Keep in mind that if you are not readily available during the allotted design period (usually 6-8 weeks for site design), you will be placed at the bottom of the queue when you are ready to begin work on your site again.  

If you need to extend the delivery time to a future date, that's fine.  I understand things can come up and life can get busy. It's why I charge a deposit. 


Your deposit will expire at the end of 365 days so if you wish to start again after that period, I'll require a new additional 25% deposit to continue working on your site.


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