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Full Moon Update: Capricorn

The Full Moon in Capricorn happens Wednesday June 27th at 9:53 p.m. PST.

Relationships are about relating with one another. As my dear friend and wise shaman, Tito Santana says, "we are all relatives". We are relatives with each human being you see. Because we are all energy first, before anything else, take it further with the belief that we are relatives with each point of energy we encounter.

artwork by MysticMamma

After sitting in my hillside vision circle a few days ago, I began to hike along the ridge line. There are many eucalyptus trees along this part of my hike. They stand so tall and powerful while their long, willowy branches sway with such feminine grace. They remind me of a group of wise, gentle aunties infusing me with their knowledge as I walk through their airy embrace.

I was called to stand beside one of them, my hand rested on the peeling bark of her broad trunk. As I paused there, I felt the physicality of my body evaporate and began to only experience my being as energy. As this occurred, it helped me to genuinely feel unity with all things, all beings, all points of energy. This is Oneness, the belief that we all exist together from the same energy in varying degrees.

Feeling the resonance of this in my energy field helped to make this more than a belief. It cemented it into my cellular makeup as fact, "this is true". With this new truth comes a softening that permeates the constriction of our mind-body which keeps us separate. It helps us understand new ways to be in

relation-ship and we construct more expansive boundaries.

The wisdom of this Full Moon in Capricorn helps you to soften into your own being of who you are. It helps give you the strong foundation to re-write who you are in relation-ships.

You cannot get steamrolled in relation-ships unless you allow it. If you feel the immensity of your being united with a Divine Consciousness, then how could you possibly be anything but safe? Your spirit is a constant source of grace, love, light, peace and bliss because we are that Divine Consciousness. The ego limits that state of being and keeps us separate and mired in our "yuck".

Resistance does not get us where we want to go.  With Chiron we are invited into an alchemical experience of turning the most wounded parts of ourselves, the most painful, least desirable, most hidden parts of ourselves into true gold...

Word on the street about Full Moon in Capricorn:

Patricia Liles of The Power Path writes,

"Chiron is squaring the Sun and Moon/Saturn.  That’s significant, challenging and a call to the internal, emotional depths.  When our lessons arise, old emotional patterns get triggered, suffering arises (along with whining and blame), we have an opportunity in the emotional crisis handed to us to step up to this initiation and challenge to learn acceptance and surrender to a deeper, fuller human experience.  Resistance does not get us where we want to go.  With Chiron we are invited into an alchemical experience of turning the most wounded parts of ourselves, the most painful, least desirable, most hidden parts of ourselves into true gold, true forgiveness, true self love if we accept the call to this journey.  Mars continued position conjunct South Node moving retrograde also wants to encourage focus on clearing the past to make way for the new.  Uranus’ trine to Moon/Saturn in earth signs is bringing a welcome change in the habits and structures that keep us small and limited."

Astrologer, Steven Shroyer of Seattle Astrology writes,

"Having a Capricorn Full Moon conjunct Saturn (which rules Capricorn) is a rare event. To take full advantage of this powerful configuration it is necessary to intentionally work with the natural intelligence of Saturn, which provides a clear contrast between the individual and society....The process of individuality in service to a greater good begins with a positive and authentic self-image. Saturn within the Capricorn Full Moon polarity supports your expanded sense of self. This is an expanded self-image that transcends limiting attempts to fit into an existing social status quo (Capricorn), and instead works to shape the world through personal relationships (Cancer). In this way there’s the possibility of establishing a new status quo that honors individuality, not through control but through mutual respect and appreciation for the contributions of others as well as yourself."

Astrologer, Sarah Varcas, writes,

"There is much wisdom available in the light of this Moon. Those who are willing to look with eyes wide open will see with greater clarity where they’ve sought to side-step responsibility in favor of an easier road or more naive approach to matters of gravity. Sometimes we must simply walk through the flames to reach the other side, for they are purifying and strengthening, even as they burn through our egoic defenses. If we’ve tried to rise above rather than journey through them, this Moon gets our feet back on the ground and reminds us this time we must walk to where we’re going and learn along the way."

Full Moon Ritual:

  • Journal about where you are holding back in your relation-ships. What keeps you separate and why?

  • As you journal you'll notice the emotional charge rising up again. It's ok, you are supported, feel the emotions and let them release onto your journal.

  • Now sit back. Feel your spine connecting with the support behind you, whether it's the chair, the wall or the vibrant energy of your spirit guides.

  • Make the agreement with your body to be supported in this moment.

  • Feel the center of your being running through your spine. This is your internal seat of wisdom and power.

  • Now that you've connected to that seat, place your left hand (receiving hand) up to receive that shadow piece of you. Place your right hand on the journal entry.

  • Agree to welcome the shadow home to your seat of power, security and wisdom. Then agree to fully release the upset that lies in your journal entry.

  • "I fully release these pieces in my life which no longer serve me and I take my seat in the powerful position of being co-creator with Universe and Mother Earth"

  • Take it a step further and tear out the journal entry, burn it in your fireplace, bury it in the sand, send it afloat on an ocean wave. Anything you can think that fully releases it back to the Universe. Then sit back and witness the spaciousness within you for new energies to reside.

The healing work I do helps you to identify the shadow pieces, together we release the old patterns and connect you to your wise spirit. If you'd like more support with this, come see me!

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