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Regrouping After Your Vacay

This time last year my husband packed up our small family of three and flew us out to Arizona to embark on a Clark Griswold-like family vacation. In 10 days we covered four states in a rented Chevy Suburban that we filled to the brim with camping gear.

We camped at the Grand Canyon, we paddled down the San Juan River, we rode horses in Durango, we climbed up Pueblo ruins...lots and lots of Pueblo ruins, we toured the Petrified Forest and finally ended our journey in Sedona to feel the vibes at Bell Rock.

While super fun, when we returned I felt like I needed a vacay from my vacay!

Barbee Family Vacay 2018: Riding in Durango

If you’re energetically sensitive or empathic like me, big family vacations can take their toll. You return from feeling saturated in your mind, body & spirit from stimulation overload and overindulgence.

Now that summer vacay season, is wrapping up I wanted to share my tips and a few of my go-to products to best regroup after your family vacation.

1. Take time for yourself! Don’t feel guilty you just spent a week with all the people you love, now it’s time for self-love. So take yourself out for an afternoon of something nice, a walk in nature, a long leisurely lunch, or even plopping down in bed to finally finish that summer novel. Whatever you do make sure it feels nourishing to your mind+body+spirit, not another overindulgence or supposed-to.

2. Soak: I’m gonna let you in on my secret all-in-one juju cleanser, Jason’s Himalayan Pink Salt Bath Soak & Body Wash. Omigosh! It’s got the pink salts, the clary sage which is amazing for clearing energy, lavender and bergamot for restoring balance. But you can also make your energy-cleansing soak with epsom salts, or Himalayan bath salts, a few drops of clary sage and lavender essential oils. A good soak is always such a treat and helps clear any bad juju you accumulated from staying a night at Aunt Helen's house.

3. Smudge: Burning a sage smudge stick through your home and around yourself will help to clear any stagnant energy that accumulated while you were gone. If you don’t want to burn the sage stick, I also recommend Juniper Ridge Sweetgrass Incense, their White Sage or Sweetgrass diffuser oils are also a great option.

4. Come back to your daily nourishing practice: We tend to lose our spiritual/mindfulness practice when we trot around with family. So carve out time to return to this habit. psst. I have a new Friday morning class called Samadhi-Body that helps you center & restore!

5. Prioritize with a daily To-Do List. I have a legal pad of paper on the desk of my home-office. It has 3 columns. Work : Home : Nourish. Each day I list what needs to get done, being realistic with my items and making sure that my hike & meditation gets equal time with the laundry and emails. This will be helpful to get all those to-do’s scrambling your brain out where you can see them and clear your mind.

Whether you've just returned from a whirlwind family vacation, a girls trip or even a solo adventure, it is essential to ground yourself before real-life re-entry.

Need a little boost? Come see me!

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