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Full Moon Update: Leo

The Super (closer to Earth),Blue (2nd one this month) Moon in Leo happens Wednesday, January 31st at 5:27 a.m. PST and it’s paired up with a lunar eclipse (which gives it a red tint, making it a Blood Moon). It's a powerful moon with a powerful question.

Who would you be if you were queen or king?

Meaning, who would you be if you finally took your internal seat of power? It’s the seat residing in all of us. It’s at the center of our being where there is nothing but our own truth. It waits for us to settle into it and reclaim our infinite strength and sense of support with which we entered this world.

With every full moon comes release. The release of something no longer serving us.There has been movement this month, particularly in the past two weeks. Now movement comes in many forms, it can rock us, roll us, shake us, quake us, spin us and downright gyrate us. The guidance from this full moon is that the movement is leading us to release so we may reclaim.

I’ll be more specific. When I say movement, I mean an upset from minor to major. Perhaps you’ve been finding yourself easily irritated or have had a difficult confrontation with someone, perhaps you’ve lost a job, or a relationship has dismantled or maybe something from the past is knocking at your door once again. All of these are ways the Universe gets us to move.

Think of it like an obstacle course. When the Universe places an obstacle in our way, we have a choice to freeze in place or to move around, through or up & over it. Being on a spiritual path means that we are always guided to move forward, however way we do it. If you choose to freeze, stagnation sets in. If you choose to move forward there is growth and evolution for the soul. You can also turn around and run in the opposite direction, but it only means you’ll encounter it again and again until you finally decide to conquer the obstacle. Sometimes this takes multiple lifetimes.

So the movement prompts action. The movement is prompting us to witness how and when our shadow selves show up. Often when we’re met with obstacles, it triggers our shadow, those younger pieces of ourselves that were never healed. Your shadow is the child within you that reacts, your Spirit is the wise queen or king who responds.

The Full Moon guidance is “do it differently.”

This full moon is supporting you to bear witness of your shadow self as it shows up. It is supporting you to fully release the reactions that no longer serve you. More importantly, it’s supporting you to fully heal these fragments of you so they may finally rest in the arms of your Spirit. So you may finally take your seat in your own power and show up in an evolved, conscious, loving wise way. We’ve tried this many times before, but this is a giant growth opportunity where we are fully supported with the time, the energy, the healers and everything else you need to release and reclaim.

Who would we have become if we were allowed to follow our soul’s longings in life? ~ Cathy Pagano

Word on the street about Full Moon in Leo:

Astrologer Tanaaz Chubb writes,

"The January Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse is not only going to help bring resolution and closure to the last half of 2017, it is also going to open and activate a new energy that we are all going to be working with until the next round of Eclipses in July and August 2018.

Eclipses often bring turning points in our lives. They are often an instigator for change and illuminate areas of our lives that need attention.

The Moon represents our emotions and how we feel safe and secure as we move through the world. During an Eclipse, our sense of security and comfort is often shaken in some way, and we are given the opportunity to really look within and discover our fears, hopes, dreams and the truth."

Shaman, Lena Stevens of The Power Path writes,

"Bring in the element of emotional healing through music and other creative expression. Express love and gratitude and make sure to do whatever it takes to keep your frequency high and to stay away from any negativity. An eclipse always opens up a more powerful portal and initiates change. Use this energy to fuel changes that you want and be ready to jump into action when they happen. Wait for right timing and allow for things to unfold instead of effecting at them. This is a powerful, wonderful and exciting time. Use it well."

Astrologer, Cathy Pagano writes,

"The Moon and Ceres join with the North Node in Leo, which is a collective directive to each of us to express our unique creativity. The Moon and Ceres, the Roman fertility and mother goddess, are both energies that help us access our unconscious (Moon) feelings of being un-loved (Ceres). We all deserve to be loved just for ourselves and so many of us weren’t loved in that way.

Ceres asks us to let her mother us, to let ourselves be and feel loved. The Moon mother shows us our old beliefs about our worthiness and helps us release...Who would we have become if we were allowed to follow our soul’s longings in life? ...Who would we be if we knew we all came into this world to create it together? Who would we be if we all felt, down in our bones, that we are worthy of love?"

Full Moon Ritual:

  • Journal about a certain "movement" that's happened recently, something that might have quaked you, where you perhaps saw your inner 8 year-old running amuck, throwing a tantrum and spinning out.

  • As you journal you'll notice the emotional charge rising up again. It's ok, you are supported, feel the emotions and let them release onto your journal.

  • Now sit back. Feel your spine connecting with the support behind you, whether it's the chair, the wall or the vibrant energy of your spirit guides.

  • Make the agreement with your body to be supported in this moment.

  • Feel the center of your being running through your spine. This is your internal seat of wisdom and power.

  • Now that you've connected to that seat, place your left hand (receiving hand) up to receive that shadow piece of you. Place your right hand on the journal entry.

  • Agree to welcome the shadow home to your seat of power, security and wisdom. Then agree to fully release the upset that lies in your journal entry.

  • "I fully release old patterns which no longer serve me and open to the wisdom of my spirit."

  • Take it a step further and tear out the journal entry, burn it in your fireplace, bury it in the sand, send it afloat on an ocean wave. Anything you can think that fully releases it back to the Universe. Then sit back and witness the spaciousness within you for new energies to reside.

The healing work I do helps you to identify the shadow pieces, together we release the old patterns and connect you to your wise spirit. If you'd like more support with this, come see me!

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