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New Moon Update: Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer happens Thursday, July 12th at 6:48 p.m. PST.

Since the spring of this year I've been in practice of sitting in a stone circle I constructed on the hillside behind our house. Within the circle I've been called to place crystals, the Hand of Fatima and a small jade statue of the goddess Quan Yin, both represent Divine Goddess or Divine Mother. I didn't really have an understanding why these items wanted to be placed in the circle. Yet, it has been revealed over the past months that I've been establishing a new source of mother.

You see the relationship I've had with my own mother has been pretty rocky over the past years. By May of this year we hadn't spoken since December and it had been another few months before that.

Each morning I hike up to the stone circle, meditate, center into my two power sources from cosmos and Earth. I place my hands on the Earth and acknowledge this massive organism beneath me, supporting me, nurturing me with a soft place to land. Thanking the cosmos above and around me for the consciousness, wisdom, clarity, love, light and peace I feel within me.

I released my own mother from her responsibility. I released her from my own perception of what and who she should be. Simultaneously I accepted and softened into a higher source, a Divine Mother from which to draw comfort and nourishment.

As this process occurred, my heart opened more and essentially my energy field opened to this higher source of love, which shifted me internally and externally. And then something pretty magical happened. We began communicating again, sharing photos, catching each other up on our lives and forging what seems to be a healthier relationship between us.

The etymology of the word mother means "source". We enter this material world reliant upon our birth mothers for sustenance and growth. However, mother and child relationships can be tenuous and at some point along the way, no matter how close that bond may be, we will be disappointed to know that our mothers are also regular people, with conditioning of their own, that they have their own flaws like everyone else.

This New Moon in Cancer guides us in aligning with a Divine Mother as our ultimate source. Both above and below us are eternal springs of energy from which we may draw to propel us forward. Letting ourselves deepen into the belief that there is something so much more powerful, watchful, loving, nurturing supporting us helps us to release our old "yuck" that holds us back from achieving what we want. Pair this with the solar eclipse which always activates power and direction. We are being called to get crystal clear on what we want and make the jump!

New Moon Guidance: Soften into the support of Divine Mother and spring into action

"...we are being asked to honor the changes that have taken place within us, we are being asked to honor who we are today, and to adjust our lives accordingly." Tanaaz Chubb

Word on the street about New Moon Cancer

Astrologer, Tanaaz Chubb

This Cancer Solar Eclipse has a strong rebirth energy and is asking us to dig deep within our soul to uncover what parts of our lives need to be awaken or reinvented. Perhaps we have been walking the path that was laid for us many years ago, and perhaps this path is outdated or is no longer working.

We are not the same anymore. After all the cosmic upgrades and energy in the recent years, we have all undergone tremendous cycles of death and rebirth. Now, with July’s Eclipses, we are being asked to honor the changes that have taken place within us, we are being asked to honor who we are today, and to adjust our lives accordingly.We are being asked to really sink deeper into ourselves, and work out what we truly desire and what we truly want for our lives.

Astrologer, Cathy Pagano

Solar eclipses are New Moons where the Sun and Moon travel a parallel path together. So they not only occupy the same astrological sign but are aligned in the same ‘space’. Since this solar eclipse is the first of three eclipses that occur over the next month, it sets the stage for the last two eclipses occurring in Leo/Aquarius at this time. They are the bookends of the eclipses that occurred last August, especially the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017. How has your life changed since last summer?

Astrologer, Pat Liles

We are being guided to experience the path of evolution through ease, cooperation and relying on the wisdom of our bodies, our physical alliance with the natural world, uncovering the sensitivities of our intuitive and feeling selves, and creating new structures and communities that are inclusive and interdependent....The price of admission to this new way of life, as many of you know, is transformation of the engrained, deeply rooted polarity program, and that is a huge journey to the underworld, as many of you know, to experience transforming surrender to something greater than the self ~ Spirit ~ the unifying element described by all religions where we are all connected, where true power lies and where we are held in love, as many of you know…

Guide to Setting New Moon in Cancer Intentions

New moons are great astrological timings to help bring your intentions to full manifestation. I like writing 5-10 solid intentions based on what the current New Moon rules (see samples below). You may keep them in a journal, place them in a jar, I’ve even deposited mine into the hollow of my favorite tree. The key is to write them from your heart, then send them up freely to the Universe so you may be graced with their fruition in good time.

Remember, these intentions may not come to manifest overnight or even during the month. It’s important to release your hold on them and allow what is in your highest alignment to come through.

In her book, New Moon Astrology, Jan Spiller defines the theme for our intentions in this New Moon. Cancer rules:

Foundation: internal source, home, family, instincts

Sample intentions:

"I want to easily find the right home for me"

"I want to easily find myself spending more happy time with family."

"I want to experience a feeling of increased security and joy."

Safety: security, feelings of belonging, protection, financial security

Sample intentions:

"I want to easily find myself making good decisions to ensure financial security."

"I want to easily feel like I belong in family, social and business settings."

"I want to easily find myself creating health boundaries where I feel safe and supported."

Processes: training & practicing, childhood conditioning, nurturing new beginnings

Sample intentions:

"I want to become aware of and easily clear old childhood conditioning."

"I want to easily find myself embracing the process of my own expansion and growth."

"I want to easily find myself engaged with the practice & process of _____ instead of rushing to end results."

Emotional Closeness: caring, empathy, vulnerability, intimacy

Sample intentions:

"I want to easily find myself reciprocating emotions with others."

"I want to easily find myself at ease with being vulnerable in my intimate relationships."

"I want all fears of intimacy totally lifted from me."

Feelings: changing moods, tenderness, sensitivity, awareness

Sample intentions:

"I want all moodiness totally lifted from me."

"I want all nonconstructive emotional reactions easily lifted from me."

"I want to easily be aware of how I'm feeling in various life situations."

"I want to easily find myself consciously aware of how others might feel."

Restoring Health to: breast, chest, pancreas, stomach, gas, ulcers, tumors

Sample intentions:

“I want to easily find the right healer to help me with _______”

“I want a total healing to occur with _______”

“I want to easily attract the right information to help heal _____”

“I want to easily find myself taking action to restore health to my ______”

And may it be so.

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