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New Moon Update: Sagittarius

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

The New Moon in Sagittarius happens Friday, December 7th at 11:20 p.m. PST.

This week we approach the last new moon of the year. It's in Sagittarius which is a fire sign, a perfect polarity to the darkened shades of the winter months. Sagittarius governs themes such as quest for truth, freedom, higher education, justice and optimism. And sometimes we need to go internal, to dig deep, to burrow into the shadows in order to reveal the brightest light within us.

This means excavating our shadow self, realizing that our shadow tends to govern our reactions whereas our spirit governs our ability to respond, our response-ability. We each have a response-ability to show up as the brightest version of ourselves. Now, more than ever, in these darker times where we are getting triggered from collective consciousness, it's important to align with spirit, take our place in the light and shine it out into the world.

We are being presented with opportunities that are happening for us, not to us. Sagittarius deplores the victim consciousness and if you are stuck there, it will begin to feel more uncomfortable. The idea, now is to be curious and realize that magic is happening for you all the time. You're invited to see life as dimensional. Knowing that the dark is needed as much as the light, you become more accepting and therefore more integrated, settling into this idea of being a spirit having a human experience.

You may be feeling the stressors of the holiday season. Much to do and not a whole lot of time for "being". If this is happening, watch how you view it. Watch your perspective and see how it throws you into overwhelm or if you can witness the magic within it.

A real-life example: Last weekend was busy with holiday shopping, getting a Christmas tree, my husband's birthday celebration, then flowing into a full week of clients. I'm wobbling out of a head cold and my husband comes and lays a second holiday party to attend this week. Arrrgh!

Every cell in my body constricts, as my mind goes into overwhelm, but then I remember to bear witness of the magic that awaits, that I'm fully resourced, that I have everything I need, that I have way more light to shine and just perhaps this upcoming gathering is requesting my presence for a reason.

Rather than my knee-jerk reaction of "no way!" I settle into my roots, and respond "okay."

It's our mind, the ego, the shadow that brings up our triggers, the freak-out. But it's our spirit, our connection to Divine that helps our response-ability.

New Moon Guidance: By allowing all of life to penetrate us, we become more integrated.

"This New Moon is a time to watch judgment and irritability as it could come up around old patterns and wounds." Lena Stevens

Word on the street about New Moon Sagittarius

Astrologer, Tanaaz Chubb

Falling in the sign of Sagittarius, this New Moon is going to help shine a light on all the growing we have done, and will help us to see just how far we have traveled.

For most of 2018, we had this slower energy coursing through the months that may have left us feeling held back, restricted, or unsure of how to move forward. We may have had ideas or plans, but we may have found it hard to execute them to the fullest of our potential.

2018 was really a year for inner growth, which is why we may not have traveled as far as we would have liked to in a physical sense. On an inner level however, it is likely we have moved leaps and bounds, and made huge progress when it comes to our spiritual and emotional development.

The keyword for 2018 was definitely patience, and it’s likely that all of us in some way, were called to practice the art of being patient....Often we look for physical milestones and achievements to track our progress and success, but inner milestones are just as important.

Astrologer, Lena Stevens

This New Moon is a time to watch judgment and irritability as it could come up around old patterns and wounds. Where are you still holding someone in debt to you for past wrongs? Where do you still feel in debt to some old pattern of regret or shame you have been trying to change?

As these influences may be up, you have a great opportunity with this new moon to do some real healing, forgiveness and letting go. The chaos at this time is related to all the obsessive thoughts in your mind and it would be a good practice to do whatever you can to clear the mind and focus on a reset that forgives the past and settles into a more peaceful field of creativity that brings some clarity to new intentions.

Astrologer, Pat Liles

Lucky us! Jupiter rules this New Moon cycle in Sagittarius, and Jupiter always bestows a generous portion of good fortune, upbeat action, clarity for the big picture, and leaning into our spiritual growth.  We favor adventure with Jupiter ~ reimagining our lives, travel to new places, exploring new uncharted areas of life, living in spirited joie de vivre! 

Not only is Jupiter now in its own sign, Sagittarius, for a whole year, but is traveling with the Sun and the Moon at this New Moon to geometrically increase its expansive influence upon us ~ a much welcomed increase of the fire element supporting prosperity and increase and illuminating truth, understanding and meaning in our lives. 

Jupiter’s only aspect is to the Sun/Moon, so the inspiration of fire is strong and undiluted.  What we need now is a good challenge, a purpose, a quest or a bid for power to aim our Sagittarian centaur’s arrow toward.  Aim to have a good time and make the most of the season with family and friends!  Jupiter is the king of social engagement.  Get some.

Guide to Setting New Moon in Sagittarius Intentions

New moons are great astrological timings to help bring your intentions to full manifestation. I like writing 5-10 solid intentions based on what the current New Moon rules (see samples below). You may keep them in a journal, place them in a jar, I’ve even deposited mine into the hollow of my favorite tree. The key is to write them from your heart, then send them up freely to the Universe so you may be graced with their fruition in good time.

Remember, these intentions may not come to manifest overnight or even during the month. It’s important to release your hold on them and allow what is in your highest alignment to come through.

In her book, New Moon Astrology, Jan Spiller defines the theme for our intentions in this New Moon. Sagittarius rules:

Quest for Truth: direct communication, higher guidance, spirituality

Sample intentions:

"I want to regularly find myself consulting with a higher power to guide me in life."

"I want to easily create a better connection with my spirit guides."

"I want to easily find myself communicating honestly with others."

Natural World: connection to nature, peace of mind, intuition

Sample intentions:

"I want to easily find myself spending more time grounding & connecting in nature"

"I want to easily find myself practicing peace in my mind"

"I want to easily find myself cultivating and relying upon my intuition

Freedom: spontaneity, adventure, positive expectations, exploration

Sample intentions:

"I want to easily find myself traveling to _____ at a price I can afford."

"I want to easily find myself having more positive adventures in my life."

"I want to easily find myself being more spontaneous."

Optimism: faith, friendliness, generous spirit, good luck

Sample intentions:

"I want to easily find myself having friendly relationships with people."

"I want all blocks in experiencing joy and generosity totally lifted from me"

"I want to easily find myself open and receptive to good luck entering my life in all directions."

Higher Education: mentors, finding solutions, colleges & universities

Sample intentions:

"I want to easily attract and begin working with the right mentor for me."

"I want to successfully enroll in the right college or program of higher education for me"

"I want to easily find myself seeking answers to my dilemma of _______"

"I want to easily find the solution to _______ in an easy, straightforward way."

Restoring Health to: hips, liver, sciatica, thighs, upper-legs

Sample intentions:

“I want to easily find the right healer to help me with _______”

“I want a total healing to occur with _______”

“I want to easily attract the right information to help heal _____”

“I want to easily find myself taking action to restore health to my ______”

And may it be so.

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